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Paper Craft

A Beautiful Form of Art

Paper craft is an art form where cards or paper are used as the primary material to create 3D objects. Surprisingly, it is the most used material as well in art and craft projects. Since, papers can be cut, folded, glued, stitched, layered and molded; it is used in various crafting techniques. Papermaking by hand also remains a popular form of art.

Forms of Paper Crafts

Paper crafts can be of different types and each type is associated with particular cultures or countries. In western countries, paper folding is synonymous with origami but the term should only be referred to the art or technique of paper folding in Japan. Other varieties of paper folding techniques are Jong-e.i.-jeop-gi of Korea, Zhezhi of China and traditional paper planes or boats of the western countries.

Paper is cheaply and readily available. Moreover, it is safer and easier to work with as well as to make 3D artwork in comparison with wood, ceramics and metals. Thus, different forms of paper crafts are used as a part for the education of children as well. It can be used in therapeutic settings for children to express their feelings through an uncomplicated and safe creative outlet.

Making of Paper Art in India

In India also, the tradition of paper crafting is quite old. The paper industry is located in Patna, Delhi, Avadh, Rajgir, Gaya, Ahmedabad, Sialkot and Shahzadpur. The art of paper craft must have come into existence soon after the invention of paper. However, due to the perishable nature of this material, the tradition of paper crafting is left unrecorded. The earliest records that can be found are the royal farmans, beautiful manuscripts and account keeping by rich merchants during the Mughal period. The paper industry was a small one at that time only to cater for the local requirements. People involved in the manufacturing of paper or paper crafts used to live in the outskirts of big towns or provincial capitals. Their locality was called Kagazi Mohalla.

Paper craft is widely used in different celebrations as decorative pieces in India. Kandeels, flowers, effigies and kites are made using different kinds of papers in a variety of colors in India. In both Hindu and Muslim festivals and celebrations in India, it is a tradition to use objects made using paper.

The paper and paper craft industry of Delhi is growing with each passing year. It has a bright future ahead with increasing demand of objects made with paper to decorate households, offices, etc. Different types of papers in varying colors are also manufactured to meet the heavy demands of people and organizations using paper as their primary material to produce goods or items.

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