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Cane And Bamboo Craft

Over the last few years, wood has been used as the primary element for making furniture and other home décor products. However, since lots of trees are used for making wood, it is quite harmful for the society. This is where bamboo and cane have come as true blessings, because they not only substitute the place of wood, but they are also more comfortable and easy to use. Since these are light-weight products, bamboo and cane can be used extensively in all kinds of shapes and styles. The best thing about these products is that they are very durable and require almost no maintenance at all. Many items like mats, lamps, chairs, baskets are made from these products. Furniture made from bamboo and cane, have a very high demand these days. So are the items like jewellery, bags and other fashion accessories.

Delhi is one of the main places to have recognised the importance of cane and bamboo products. Today, this trade is flourishing quite well in the national capital. There are many traders exporting their cane and bamboo products to other countries as well, as there are many useful and decorative items made from these. Baskets, hats and window screens are some of the products that are highly sought after by Indian and international customers.  Products made from the Sarkanda variety of bamboo which is tall and golden white in colour, are quite famous in Delhi because this  grass is grown extensively in the farms in and around Delhi. Many items like baskets, belts, stools, chairs, vessels, bamboo mugs and other ornamental and decorative products are made from bamboo and cane.

If you want your house to look extremely beautiful and attractive to guests, make sure you use bamboo and cane products. They have an aura of their own and can lift up your interiors to a great extent, even if you decorate your house minimally. These products are the best if you are looking to give a royal touch to your house with minimal investment, when compared to wood and other antique elements.

You can safely place your bets on these products as they have a very long lifetime. The products are elegant, come in different styles and shapes and can be moulded in any way as per the requirement.  If you have an eye for craft, you should have bamboo and cane products at your home, because the elegance and beauty that they exude is simply unmatchable.

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