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Vaideki Falls

A famous tourist location in the city of Coimbatore is Vaideki Falls. It is situated on the outer environs of Coimbatore about 35 kms away from the city near Narasipuram village. “Tholayira Murthi Kandi” was the previous name of Vaideki Falls. The word ‘Tholayira’ means number nine hundred in Tamil and word Murthi meant gods idol and the word Kandi meant waterfall. Currently, the name Vaideki Falls is originated from a Tamil movie “Vaithegi Kathirunthal” directed by R.Sundarrajan. The fall gushes over the shoddy rocks which has a smooth appearance. The water flows from a high mountain and drifts through rocks. Vaideki Falls is an ideal spot for one day expedition from Coimbatore city.


Vaideki Falls is exactly located towards Western Ghat region, approximately 35 kms from Coimbatore city. Consent from forest authorities is required before entering this area as Vaideki Falls is managed by Forest Jurisdiction. The waterfall is located in wildlife vicinity it is advisable to take help from forest guards and authorities to ensure safe visit.

Activities to Do

Trekking for a distance of approximately 4 to 5 kms can be done near the waterfall area. As the fall is located in a wildlife area one can enjoy the chirping of birds and can view medical herbs and plants.

How to Reach

Best time to visit the Vaideki Falls is summer on weekdays during 08:00 am to 05:30 pm.

Private buses or vehicles can be utilized to reach Vaideki Falls, as it is only 30 kms from Coimbatore. The city is well connected to Narasipuram village.

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