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Hoggenakal Falls

Hoggenakal Falls located on river Kaveri are one of the most stunning waterfalls in South India. These falls are also popularly referred as “Niagara of India”. The hide boat rides and the fame of these falls for its medicinal baths makes these as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Southern India. The carbonized rocks located among these falls are considered to be one of the oldest across the globe and the oldest rocks of its kind in South Asia.

The site of Hoggenakal is also a proposed drinking water generation project. Hoggenakal is a Kannada word which is formed by joining two different Kannada words “hoge” which means smoke and “kal” means rock. Since water in these falls appears like smoke emanating from the top of some rocks, that’s why these falls are named like this. People of Tamil Nadu call these falls as “Marikottayam”.


Hoggenakal falls are located in Dharampuri district of Tamil Nadu. These falls are situated at a height of about 750 feet above the sea level amidst Melagiri hills.
The route that leads to Hoggenakal falls is equally scenic and beautiful as the falls themselves. It passes through lush mulberry fields and colossal Aiyanars (Teracotta guardian dieties). Moreover, as you approach the falls, the abundant vegetation and the roar of Kaveri River will certainly catch your attention.

Activities to Do

One can indulge in a variety of activities in Hoggenakal falls, out of which boating during the dry season is the most prominent one. During this season, the water falling from the falls is not very fast and thus, it does not disrupts the path of the boat.

The water in the falls make a thundering sound and at some places it descends up to 20 mtrs which give these falls a panoramic view. People can catch fish here. Many vendors catch and cook fresh fish, which is a major attraction among the visitors.

Owing to the medicinal qualities of the falls, many people take bath here. In the months of July and August, many people come here to take holy bath.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport located to Hoggenakal falls is in Bangalore situated at a distance of about 160 Km from the falls. Once you reach Bangalore, its approximately 2.5 hours drive to the falls.

By Rail

Hoggenakal does not have a train station but the nearest train station is Salem located at a distance of 53 Km from where one can hire a taxi or board a bus to reach the falls.

By Road

Hoggenakal falls are located in the Dharampuri district and these falls enjoy a great connectivity with the nearby cities and towns. The nearest bust station is located in Dharampuri at a distance of 40 Km from Hoggenakal falls and direct buses ply from Dharampuri to the falls. Dharampuri is well connected with the other cities of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

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