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Kumbakkarai Falls

Kumbakkarai Falls, one of the lesser known falls of Tamil Nadu, are located in the Theni district of the state. The cascade originates from the Kodaikanal hills in Western Ghats and water flows through the green pastures and the rocks, to finally from the Kumbakkarai falls. The falls at the foothills of Kodaikanal range.

The long journey of water from the Western Ghats to the falls makes it acquire several medicinal and healing powers for curing some minor ailments including certain skin diseases. River Pamba is the source of water for the Kumbakkarai falls. During monsoon, the flow becomes very heavy making it impossible for the visitors to take bath here.

The Kumbakkarai takes a double fall down or double drop from the rocks in two stages. In their first stage, water gets collected in the rock recesses which have been named after different wild animals including snake, elephant, tiger etc. In the second stage, river Pamba flows for about 5 Km before finally descending into the Kumbakkarai cascade.

One of the major attractions of the falls is the statue of Lord Murugan that stands right in the middle of the falls.


Kumbakkarai falls are located in the Theni district at a distance of about 9 Km from Periyakulam in Tamil Nadu along the Kodai – Vellagavi to Periyakulam foot path.

Activities to Do

Though these falls are not very popular among tourists, but many use it as a base camp for trekking expeditions that are arranged in the Kodaikanal hills. Many devoted pilgrims come to visit the temple of Goddess Thadagai Nachiamman located near the falls.

Another attraction of the Kumbakkarai falls is the Sirumalai Amusement park which is located in the close proximity of the falls at a distance of about 7 Km.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport to Periyakulam is Madurai Airport located at a distance of about 65 Km. Regular buses and taxis are easily available here for taking visitors to Kumbakkarai falls.

By Road

Kumbakkarai falls are located at a distance of 9 Km from Periyakulam, which is the nearest bus station to the falls and one can easily find local buses or taxis to reach the falls from Periyakulam.

By Rail

Kodaikanal is the nearest railway station to the Kumbakkarai falls situated at a distance of about 13 Km from Periyakulam.

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