Kerala has numerous striking and huge dams with unique building features. Kerala is known as Gods own country. Dams in Kerala have been built to generate hydro-electricity. These dams are also useful in keeping a check on the surge of water. In the year 1979 Banasura Sagar Dam was operated for the first time and Karamanathodu tributary is used to hold the water for the dam. The other famous dam of Kerala is Chalakudy Dam that got its name since it has been built on Chalakudy River and the dam is located in Thrissur district. In the east of Chalakudy town at a throw of 65 km is the Sholayar dam. The surroundings of Peechi dam is perfect place for commencing picnics and enjoying the family day trip. This dam is located 23 km away from Thrissur district. The original purpose of Peechi dam was irrigation but later it was decided that the dam will serve the purpose for drinking water in the province. A dam built of clay and is one of the largest dam of Kerala is named as Vazhani Dam. This dam supplies water both for irrigation and drinking.

Famous Dams

Malampuzha Dam in Kerala

In the proximity of Palakkad is one of the most important dams known as Malampuzha dam. This dam attracts many tourists and is one the chief reservoir in state of Kerala. This dam is made of sandstone and has a length of 1,849 meters and the clay dam that has length of 220 meters. The combined height of the dam is 6,066 feet. The work of dam was instigated in the year 1949 and the work completed in the year 1955. The purpose solved by this dam is majorly for irrigation on the farming land. The reservoir created is used for the purpose of serving the drinking water supply of Palakkad district and the neighboring small villages and town.

Mangalam Dam in Kerala

To provide the supply of water for irrigation a special dam was constructed on the river Cherukunnapuzha River and the dam is called Mangalam Dam. The work of constructing the dam for canal system was completed with the purpose of supplying water for irrigation and the dam became operational in 1966. This dam was built up in Palakkad district in Alathur taluk that is part of Kerala a state in southern part of India. The major purpose of erecting this dam was for production of hydroelectricity.

Banasura Sagar Dam in Kerala

In the year 1979 the project for erecting Banasurasagar Dam was commensed and the project was called Banasurasagar Project. The major work involved in the construction of this project was a creation of dam and a canal. The basic purpose of construction the dam was to sustain the Kakkayam hydroelectric power project. The dam was also built up with another aim of serving the irrigation and drinking water supply in the nearby areas and helping the areas to fulfill their demands during the paucity of water. This dam is located 21 kms from Kalpetta in the district of Wayanad.

Peechi Dam in Kerala

The most ancient dam in Kerala is Peechi dam that is 23 km away from Thrissur. The dam was constructed with the aim of serving the irrigation but later it was decided that the dam would also serve for the nearby areas for their drinking necessities. The tourists who visit this dam can also enjoy boating and then also enjoy in the hands of nature to feel relaxed.

Idukki Dam in Kerala

Periyar River has been linked to the Idukki dam. It is the Asia’s utmost arched dam. Standing in the gully of Kurava and Kurathi Hills this dam has been built up on Periyar River that is in Kerala a state in southern part of India. The height of the dam goes as high as 167.68 meters and is the highest arched dam in Asia.

Kundala Dam in Kerala

At a distance of 20 km from Munnar is the Kundala dam that is beneficial for the Kundala town. The other city that benefited with this dam is Udumalaipettai. The construction of this dam is on the edge of Parambikulam River that is in the Palakkad district.

Other Dams

This dam is one of the finest dams in entire country and is the dam that stands on the edge of Walayar River and hence is named as Walayar Dam. In the year 2000 this dam has made a record of banking the maximum volume of water in entire world.

On the Periyar River stands another major dam of Kerala known as Mullaperiyar Dam. Neyyar dam in the Thiruvananthapuram district was constructed in the year 1958. The dam that is wholly made of clay and is the most prevalent dam in Thrissur district is Vazhani dam. The dam in Coimbatore is Siruvani dam while the dam in Kerala is Kanjhirapuzha dam. The sub-tributary of Gayathripuzha known as Meenkara River has a dam over it named as Meenkara Dam. This dam is part of Palakkad district in Kerala.

The dam that is beautifully constructed and is a major attraction for the tourists is Chulliyar Dam is built in Muthalamada Panchayat in Palakkad district. The dam serves the water to neighboring villages. In 1964 one of the other major dams was constructed and named as Walayar Dam and the dam became operational in the same year. The dam serves the irrigation for all the neighboring regions. Enclosed among the hills is the Kanjirapuzha Dam that is part of Palakkad district in Kerala.

The state of Kerala has numerous dams that primarily serve both the irrigation and drinking water needs of all the major towns, cities and villages. The dams have been constructed beautifully such that they serve as the major tourist attractions. The tourist can enjoy family picnic and boating in these areas.


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