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Bhalswa Lake

Bhalswa Lake is a water body in the northwestern parts of Delhi. This lake is also known by the name of Bhalswa Horseshoe Lake, due to its peculiar original horseshoe-like shape. This lake is being developed as a water sports facility. Now this spot has become a popular tourist destination.


The origin of Bhalswa lake is related to the meandering nature of River Yamuna in this region. In the past, River Yamuna had many turns and loops, while flowing down. Now the flow of the river is controlled through channels. The water in the loops and curves, separated from the original river, formed this lake, giving a horseshoe-like shape. The shape now resembles more like an extended crescent, due to land filling along the contours of the water body. Eastern side of the lake has a fair amount of greenery. The trees and plantations have helped the survival of some wildlife and balancing of eco-system.


Government authorities have developed this spot as a multi sports complex. Tourists visit the lake for a variety of boat rides. Paddle boats, motor boats, kayaks and canoes are available at the lake. Shikara style boats are also available for discerning tourists. Hovercrafts and water scooters let people have thrill and entertainment. Lakeside tents, thatched huts or cottages are provided for desirous visitors. The lake has become a good attraction for visitors of all age groups. Nature lovers can also have an opportunity to watch many varieties of migratory birds during the seasons. Adventure sports’ enthusiasts can look forward to exciting activities like parasailing or rock climbing at nearby spots.

Best Time To Visit

The lake offers thrill and entertainment all round the year. Local population tends to visit this spot on weekends or on holidays and vacations.

How To Reach

Bhalswa Lake is accessible from all parts of Delhi through all modes of road transport. Buses and taxis are preferred choices for outstation tourists.

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