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Kausani is located in the Bageshwar District of Uttarakhand state. The nearest city is Almora located at a distance of fifty two km. This place is popular as the 'Switzerland of India' after it was called by Mahatma Gandhi. Kausani has a similar landscape like Switzerland. This place provides striking view of the Himalayan ranges. It is an ideal place for people who love to gain some peaceful time from the busy city life and enjoy the Mother Nature. This place has been attracting numerous nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts with each passing year.

History of Kausani

The Historical evidences indicate that Kausani was called as ‘Valna’ where an ancient kingdom Kartikeyapur existed. It is believed that this city was prosperous and ever flourishing. However, there are no further evidences to indicate the history of the place in later stages. It was in the Gandhian era this place gained popularity when the Mahatma stayed here for twelve days to complete his literary work Anashakti Yoga. This place is also popular as the birth place of the popular Hindi poet Sumitra Nandan Pant. Most of the inhabitants of the region belong to the Garhwali and Kumaon community. They are basically polite, cheerful and helpful people who believe in excellent hospitality.


The climate of the region remains more or less pleasant as compared to many other parts of the country. The summer season in the region commences from the March month and extends till June. However, the maximum summer temperature is in the range of 25o C. The winter months are from October to February. The maximum temperature during summer months is 10o C. But the temperature drops to 10o C during peak winter season. Kausani also experiences snowfalls during the extreme winter season. The winter months are ideal for Honeymoon couples. During the rainy months Kausani experiences heavy rainfall in the range of 70 to 120 inches. The summer months and the mild winter months are considered ideal to visit the area. However, being a hilly region it is always advisable to carry an umbrella to protect from occasional rains. 

Things to do

Jungle Trekking, nature walk, Bird watching, star gazing and adventure trip are some of the activities that can be planned while in Kausani. Trekking can be carried out Pindari Glacier, Kafir glacier and Sundar Dhunga glacier. It would also be an excellent experience to visit the Kausani Tea plantations. The place being a small town night life is not very busy in the region. However, tourists can enjoy camp fire in the hotel premises during the cold winter months.


Gandhi Ashram

It is also popularly called as Anashakti Ashram. Mahatma Gandhi stayed in this ashram and compiled the Geeta-Anashakti Yog. Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings are engraved on the walls of the Ashram.

Girhas Tea Estate

Kausani has numerous tea plantation estates. The tea produced here is very popular across the world for its superior quality. One can understand the procedures of tea extraction and enjoy nature’s walk in the serene atmosphere of these tea gardens.

Sumitra Nandan Pant Art Gallery

This famous museum takes us through the journey of the life of this great poet. The museum has several articles related to the life of the great man. Some of the awards won by the poet and few manuscripts are also available.

Baijnath Temple

It is a popular religious site of Hindus located at a distance of sixteen km from Kausani. It is an ancient twelfth century temple located on the banks of river Gomti in Bageshwar district. This temple has excellent historic and religious relevance.

Rudrahari Caves/Falls

The waterfalls and the cave located in the dense forest provide an ideal place of adventure for the fun lovers. It is a natural location with a Shiva Temple in the nearby vicinity.

Kot Bramari Temple

This temple which is also called as Kote-ke-Mai is located at a distance of five km from Kausani. Namda Ashtami fair is held every year in the month of August in this temple. It is believed that the popular Hindu sage Adi Shankaracharya stayed in this temple during his journey along the Garhwal region.


Kausani is famous for hand embroidered Shawls and these can be purchased from the local market or at the popular Kausani Shawl factory. Tea is the finest product of this region we can get superior quality tea leaves in this region. The most superior quality tea is available at prices as high as Rs. 2000.


The popularity of Kausani has witnessed mushrooming of several guest houses, lodges and hotels in the locality. Some of the popular hotels are located in the town near Gandhi Ashram. There are also several budget hotels and deluxe hotels. However, star hotels with special packages of Honeymoon couples are little expensive. Most of the hotels facilitate online booking for the convenience of tourists. Several resorts have also come up in the last few years owing to the popularity of the place among the tourists. The restaurants in the area serve all types of cuisines. Food is a bit costly, but tourists can try a hand at the locally available fruits like cherries, apples and plums. Tea is the popular drink of the locality.

How to Reach

By Road

Kausani is well connected with Almora by Road. Tourists also hire direct taxis from Delhi to Kausani. State Transport buses also operate between Delhi and Haldwani. Tourists can changeover at Haldwani to reach Kausani. Almora is the right place for having some refreshment on the way between Haldwani and Kausani.

By Train

Ranikhet Express starts from Old Delhi station and reaches Kathgodam at 6.30 in the morning. It is the nearest Railhead located at a distance of 132 km. Kathgodam has regular trains from Lucknow, Kolkata and Delhi. You can hire a taxi or bus to reach Kausani by 12 noon. The other train option between Delhi to Haldwani and Haldwani to Kausani by EMU trains.

By Air

The nearest airport to Kausani is Pantnagar located at a distance of 162 km. There are adequate taxis operating from the airport to Kausani.

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