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Musoorie is a hill station that rightly deserves to be called the “Queen of the Hills”. It is located at a distance of 35 kilometers from Dehradun and exudes beauty in all its nook and corners. Located at a height of 2000 metres the city enjoys a chilly climate throughout the year. It is the summer resort for many who shrink under the soaring temperatures of urban cities.


The history of Musoorie dates back to the eighteenth century when Captain Young, a lively British army officer established the first shooting lodge to stay and rejoice during his visit to the city. The lush green flora, the silence of the forests, the lapping hills and the misty mornings are a thing of beauty that one should never miss in their lifetime. A Musoorie is not just a tour, it is literally a rejuvenation trip for the mind and the senses. The city can delight anyone and bring back the joy of childhood in an instant. The scenic beauty of Musoorie has the potency to bring out the romantic in every single person who steps into the city.

The city does not boast of magnificent structures. Yet, it preserves its beauty in its natural reservoirs in the form of forests, mountains and hills where artificial life is yet to take its toll. The Mall is one tourist attraction in Musoorie which has passed the tests of time and weather, standing against all odds as a reminder of the old vintage charm that most of Musoorie has long forgotten. The Mall spans form Cloud’s End in the west until Rockville in the East. The closely located Tibetan School and Home and National Academy of Administration are also busy centres with busting activity all throughout the year.


Tourism is a major support to the economy of Musoorie. The city is famous for its “Camel’s Back Road” which goes around in the shape of a camel’s hump. Mid way the road, there is a cemetery which has found its place in some of Ruskin Bond’s horror stories. The spooky Gun Hill is also located very close where the infamous midday cannon shot was audible for decades.


Another noted tourist destination in Musoorie is the Nahata estate which was earlier known as “Childer’s Lodge” which is a sprawling ground of more than 300 acres. The ground is also a favorite destination for compulsive walkers and hiking enthusiasts. A hilly region by nature, Musoorie is blessed with numerous waterfalls and springs. Kempty falls located on the Chakrata road is one such waterfall that draws thousands of visitors barring all seasonal trends. The Municipal Garden managed by local authorities also has several tourist attractions the best of which is the boating and paddling facility where one can paddle along with the lapping waters. Musoorie Lake which is a newly opened tourist destination in the city also has started operating motor boats and row boating services. Musoorie has abundant tourist offerings for a quick getaway that surpasses most of the other hill stations in the Uttarkhand region.

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