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Located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, Dhanaulti is a beautiful Himalayan town. This town in the Tehri Garhwal district is only 24km from the famous hill station Mussoorie. The thick pine, rhododendron and cedar forests surrounding this hill station enhance its natural beauty. With great view of the Himalayan peaks surrounding it and wonderful weather round the year, Dhanaulti is definitely an ideal location for vacations. Another thing that makes this place so ideal for holidays is the hospitality and warmth of the local people living here. Dhanaulti can give you one of the most memorable trips of your life.

Dhanaulti is less commercialized in comparison to other hill stations like Mussoorie and is therefore one of the most preferred off beat holiday locations these days. This hill station is becoming more and more popular among people who want to enjoy peaceful holidays at uncluttered locations. Dhanaulti is located in the midst of nature and is till date, comparatively untouched. It is a more serene alternative to the more commercialized neighborhoods and other conventional hill stations of North India.

Dhanaulti is one place where you can disconnect from the world and get away from the busy monotonous life of cities. Here you can unwind and rejuvenate, away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. No loud music, no honking and no crowd make this tiny hill station a favorite of those who want some peaceful time is solitude. The green meadows, the surrounding Himalayas, the towering pine trees and the untouched natural beauty are amazingly soul soothing. Visiting Dhanaulti is a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

This is a perfect getaway for weekend travelers with families and friend as well as for corporate groups looking for adventure and recreation. This is one place that helps you to get away from the chaotic social life of the city. With hardly any tourists around, Dhanaulti allows you to enjoy or rest in complete solitude.

Also, the rich fruit belt gives it an added advantage and has a great effect on the scenic beauty of the place. The lush orchard of walnut, apple, chestnut, plums and apricots surround the area and give it an aesthetic appeal that is beyond compare.


Located at a height of 7,800 feet above sea level, Dhanaulti is known to have excellent weather conditions all year round. During summers, the temperature ranges between 30ᵒC to 35.5ᵒC while in winters, it ranges between -1ᵒC and 7ᵒC. With the average temperature range between 10ᵒC and 25ᵒC, the climate of Dhanaulti supports the rich fruit and vegetable belt in this region. During winters, the region is covered up to 4 feet of snow.

Things to do

Hikes and Excursions

There are some extremely interesting places around Dhanaulti that can be visited. Numerous hikes can be explored around this hill station. One such hike is the overnight excursion to Nag Tigga. Various orchards of apple around this beautiful hill station are also worth visiting.

Dhanaulti is famous for the hike to potato farms that can be done either on foot or on horseback.


This is a relatively less explored hill station and trekking is the best way to enjoy and soak in the beauty of nature. A trek in the Kaudiya forest is a truly memorable one.


People inclined towards spirituality can visit the Surkanda Devi Temple which is a revered shrine of Goddess Durga.

Adventure Sports

Jwarna, near Dhanaulti is one of the best locations for adventure sports in India. These adventure activities include mountain biking, moonlight trails, rock climbing, rappelling, camping, jumaring and many others. Apart from this, adventure camps are organized for adults as well as children here.


Eco Park

This is the major attraction of Dhanaulti. Amber and Dhara are the two eco parks that are located around 200 m apart from each other. These parks have been recently developed by the forest department of Uttarakhand with the help of local people. It has a small patch of protected forest of Deodar trees. Adventure activities are also available for visitors here.

Himalayan Weavers

This Mussoorie Dehradun based company is famous for making beautiful handmade shawls and scarves. These are made using only natural dyes. Working with a large number of Garhwali people, the company makes shawls and scarves with Himalayan wool, pashmina and eri silk. These products represent the local craftsmanship and skill.

Surkanda Devi Temple

This shrine of Goddess Durga is located only 8 km away from Dhanaulti.

Aloo Khet

Popular as the sunrise view point, this is a government owned potato farm.


This small town is devoid of any fanciful shopping arcades. Shopping in Dhanaulti is all about organic products, handicrafts and hand woven woolen garments. You wouldn’t find a Mall road, which is the main characteristic of almost all hill stations in north India in Dhanaulti.

The apple orchard Resort in Dhanaulti sells fresh apple jam and apple juice.


A number or boarding lodging options are available in and around Dhanaulti. These options cater to different budgets and different tastes and you can choose the one that suits you best. From lavish 4 star hotels to modest guest houses, from eco resorts that bring you close to nature to camp sites with DJs, there is a wide range of options to choose from. The Hermitage is considered to be one of the best hotels in the region. Humble cottage rooms are provided by Mountain Magic. You can also consider staying at the Whispering Pines Himalayan Retreat, which offers the best value for money.

How to Reach

By Air

The Jolly Grant airport, Dehradun is the nearest airport which is around 80 km away from Dhanaulti.

By Rail

Dehradun is also the nearest railway station. Pre paid cabs are easily available from here.

By Road

One can also drive up to Dhanaulti which is around 350 km away from New Delhi and it takes around 8 hours to reach Dhanaulti from Delhi.

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