Almora is a charming city in Kumaon regions of Uttarakhand. It has many facets to it. It is a municipal board, a cantonment town and one of the most popular holiday destinations in India. Founded in 1568, it is situated at a height of 5900 metres above sea level. It is also renowned as a cultural centre.

Its picturesque environs have earned Almora its nickname, the Switzerland of India. With the gigantic Himalayan mountains on one side, roaring mountain rivers on the other, and adorned with green valleys and lush green trees, Almora is one of the most beautiful and serene hill stations in India. There is another unique feature to the hill station. It is horse saddle shaped. It is surrounded by dense trees on one side and two turbulent rivers on the other, Koshi and Suyal. Thus, it always remains cool and pleasant with breeze and silence of the green environs, making it a perfect destination for summer vacations. Another fact that makes Almora more alluring is that this is the one of the hill stations totally developed by Indians unlike hill stations like Shimla, Nainital and Ranikhet which were created by the British.

Almora is not just known for its natural and amazing surroundings but is also famous as a town of temples. The famous temple of Goddess Nanda Devi is situated at the centre of the town.  Almora tempts visiors not just by its beautiful surroundings, its cultural heritage, amazing handicrafts, mouth-watering cuisine and spectacular wildlife, all add to the aura of Almora.


It was the Chand dynasty who founded Almora in 1560. The Chands were one of the powerful rulers of the region and their rule encompassed regions of Pithoragarh, Nainital and Almora. Even today, Almora is regarded as the cultural capital as the town possesses many symbols of the bygone era not just in architecture but also roads and other areas. There is the old Chand fort, traditional murals in homes and even wooden houses with carved facades, all pointing to the heritage that it is home to.

The attack of Gurkhas on Almora along with the rest of UP in 1798 and the subsequent Gurkha wars in 1814-15, Almora suffered huge damages as British attacked the town to defeat the Gurkhas. Today, though, Almora has regained its lost glory and is not only a main market town but also the administrative centre of the regions. It also has a agricultural research station, which is renowned for its various research undertakings. It is believed that it was at a small cave at Kasar Devi, located around 6 kms from the town that Swami Vivekananda attained enlightenment and the message that he should share his knowledge with the world.


Not just summer, any time of the year is perfect to visit Almora. The winters are from November to February and the rains are from August to October. Winters get severe and rainy season also is quite cold.  If you are keen to take up any activities famous in Almora, then March to November months are perfect for visiting Almora. Those who wish to view snowfall, winters are best.

Things to do

There are a hundred things to do at Almora. Those who love to spend time amongst natural surroundings admiring the beauty of the mountains and rivers, Almora is the perfect destination. For those who love to visit ancient temples, there is nothing like Almora with its many temples. For adventure enthusiasts, Almora offers many adventure sports such as trekking, wildlife spotting, paddling mountain bikes and changing gears of Royal Enfield and so on. Many travel companies offer tour packages to Almora which include staying facilities, sightseeing and even adventure sports.


Chitai Temple

One of the famous temples in Almora, Chitai Temple is dedicated to Golu Devta, an incarnation of Gaur Bhairav. It is just 8 kms from Almora and the deity is believed to make all wishes come true. Devotees throng this temple in large numbers all time of the year.

Kosi Temple (10 kms)

This is one of the Sun temples in India and one of the oldest sun temples. Katyuri dynasty built this temple in the 12th century.

Gananath (47 kms)

Situated 47 kms in Almora north, Gananath is a unique place with an old Shiva temple and even amazing natural caves which gives the landscape a mysterious aura and charm.


Someshwar is famous for its old Shiva temple. Located around 35 kms from Almora, it is a place that sees devotees visiting the Shiva temple in large numbers all through the year. The temple is revered a lot because it is one of the very earliest Shiva temples in India, believed to have been built by Raja Som Chand, the founder of Chand Dynasty.


Kausani is a beautiful hill resort surrounded by snow-capped mountains which lends a special charm and beauty to the place. Mahatma Gandhi was said to be enthralled by the scenic beauty of the place when he visited Kausani in 1929.


Jageshwar is a renowned pilgrimage centre which houses one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. The Linga is believed to be Swayambhu or that which came into being on its own. It is situated 38 kms from Almora in a green valley, adorned with the beauty of nature.


Tourists have a ball here admiring the natural environment, taking part in adventure sports, visiting old and pious temples and even shopping. When it comes to shopping, Almora is a step above the rest. Sprawling bazaars or markets, products produced by local artisans and more, all these make Almora an amazing shopping destination.

Lala Bazaar is one of the most popular bazaars in Almora. It is also the oldest and is believed to be at least 200 years old. You can find numerous shopping centres in Almora with a designated 1.25 miles of bazaars. Tamta or copper vessels are a major attraction, so are Angora Cloth, manufactured locally from the fur of Angora rabbits. The brass and copper vessels are made by Tamta artisans who make these products in traditional ways.  A product that is unique to Almora has to be the factory for Kumaon Woolens where tweed in the Harris Tweed style is made. It is one of the popular sightseeing sites in Almora.


If you chose a place to stay in Almora, it should be one that offers a glimpse into the absolutely stunning surroundings of Almora, that you wake up looking at the rising sun and wherever you see, you can only see greenery and snow capped mountains. In fact, most of the hotels provide such rooms with an excellent view.
Hotels and accommodation are available not just in Almora but also nearby places such as Chaukhutiya, Binsar, Sitalakhet, Kausani, Jageshwar, Dwaraghat and even Ranikhet.

The best thing about visiting Almora is the vast availability of accommodations from modest hotels to luxurious ones. There is something or the other for all types of tourists.

 A few of the renowned places to stay are Khazanchand Mansion, Imperial Heights, Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort, Kasaar Jungle Resort, Hotel Shivalik, Sun n Snow Inn and Binsar Retreat, among others.

How to Reach

By Air

Pantnagar, located around 127 kms from Almora is the nearest airport.

By Rail

Kathgodam, at 90 kms, is the nearest railway station. It is connected with three major capitals, namely, Lucknow, Delhi and Kolkata.

By Road

Road transport is well developed in Almora. It can be reached via road from many places such as Delhi which is at 382 kms, Nainital at around 71 kms and Lucknow at 466 kms.

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