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Thirumurthi Reservoir

Thirumurthi Reservoir is situated in Tamil Nadu State; it is built at the edge of the Parmabikulam Aliyar. The reservoir is man-made and its construction completed in 1966 and is reproduction area for many fish genus. The reservoir receives water from the Anamalai hill range located in the Western Ghats. The Thirumurthi Reservoir has a dam erected on Palar which is a stream of Kannadipuzha that connects to Bharathapuzha at Parli. Water from the reservoir is used for the irrigation purpose. Also the reservoir supplies water to Udumalpet municipal to be used for the drinking water purpose. The Thirumurthihills are adjacent to Thirumurthi reservoir. The Thirumurthihill is the ideal location for hikers and trekkers.


The occupants in the vicinity around the Thirumurthi hills believe that Athari Maharishi along with his wife Anusuya Devi lived in this place few thousand years ago. Once three visitors stopped by and visited their house, they were Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. She was gifted with a boon by them and husband and wife received blessings from Three-Murthi and hence the place is known as Thirumurthi hills. The place has some extraordinary sculptures and figurines within the expansive hall of the temple located here. During the time Jainism prospered in Tamil Nadu state, it is considered that Jain priests stayed in the region of Thirumurthi hills. A statuette of Jain priest is carved on the big rockat Thirumurthi which is respected and worshipped. It is said that the rock had trolled down from the hill during a flood few centuries back but then as the carved sculpture is upside down.


The Thirumurthi Reservoir is placed in the rain-shadow area of the Western Ghats where the rainfall is low to moderate. The reservoir was built by creating a stone made dam of 2627.99 metres long at the end of the Parambikulam-Aliyar Project. The reservoir has a water capacity of 388 ha when it is full reservoir level (F.R.L) and dead storage level (D.S.L) is 79.88 ha. About 20 kilometres of Udumalpet is Thirumurthi located at located at 10" 28' N and 77' 09' E. The reservoir water flows through two canals for irrigation purpose. The water helps irrigation of 80826.79 ha in Palladarn taluka and Udumalpet.


Thirumurthi hills are 21 kilometres from Udumalpet, which is also called poor man’s Ooty. The tourism gained momentum due to the beautiful climate in the region. The waterfall at Thirumurthi attract many tourists also the Thirumurthi temple witness many devotes.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Thirumurthi Reservoir is from September to December.

Nearby Attractions

Panjalinga falls is the nearest tourist attraction which is 3 kilometres over the Thirumurthi hill. The Thirumurthi hill also has institution which practises kundalini yoga. Due to the pleasant climate throughout the year the Thirumurthi hill is popular spot for film shootings. Tamil and Malayalam are pictured here due to elegant scenic beauty. The Thirumurthi dam also provides boating facilities and well maintained garden with a swimming pool. Approximately 25 kilometres south to Thirumurthi dam and Reservoir is Amravathi Dam which has a Crocodile Farm.

How to Reach Thirumurthi Reservoir

By Air

One can reach to Thirumurthi Reservoir through boarding a flight from Coimbatore Airport.

By Road

Thirumurthi dam and Reservoir is well connected to all metro cities by road.

By Rail

To Thirumurthi tourists need to reach Coimbatore, which is well connected to major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi through railways.

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