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Vaigai Dam

The calmness and stillness of this place are mind soothing. The "Little Brindavan" is a deserved surname of the garden. Being rich in climate and beauty, this is a popular picnic spot for the local community, especially the school children. The tourists have a separate play area. It is unique for the sylvan garden that surrounds it.


Built across the huge River Vaigai closing to Andipatti, this dam is 111 feet high and can store up to 71 feet of water. It is 7 kms from Andipatti. January 21, 1959 led to the opening of this dam.


The Vaigai Hydroelectric Power Plant holds 6 MW design capacity with 2 units. The commissioning of the first unit happened in 1990 and is currently operated by Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited. There is a musical dancing fountain that is near the dam with a costing of Rs.34.2 lakh. The functioning time of the fountain is between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., only on weekends and government holidays.


Theni market is the Local Bazaar near Vaigai Dam and experiences a gushing crowd of local residents as well as tourists. Everything is available here, from fresh fruits and vegetable to local artifacts and apparels. There is numerous food joints providing with several eating-out options present here. It is extremely essential savor the mouthwatering delights of sea food here. Near Vagai Dam, there are a several food joints and restaurants like Sarvana Bakery, Arun and Nagar Restaurant offering an excellent cuisine followed by desserts.

Best Time to Visit

Vaigai Dam experiences a huge storage of water and so the weather is considerably cooler during all the periods of the year. It experiences a hot tropical weather along with a winter dry season. In general, the climate is seemingly of the tropical type. The best time to sojourn Vaigai Dam is from the month of October to February. The district and the vicinity experience a pleasant wintery climate with modest temperatures during the months bearing summers.

Nearby Attractions

Jambhali Puthur Temple

Puthur shri thirpuraikal temple is one of the ancient and powerful temples of power. The main deity worshipped here is Bhadrakali along with the sanctorum blessed by the divine presence of Lord Durga, Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha. It is of prime belief that the Devi fulfills all her true devotees’ wishes and a heartily prayer never goes unheard. The prime festival of this temple called the Puthur Vela that begins in mid March and the ends on the month long celebrations in mid April. ‘Thol pavakutha’ is the main ritual conducted during this festival in a form of puppet show wherein the Ramayana story is depicted.

Vellappar Temple

The Vellappar Temple is the main attraction in Mavoothu. This holy shrine rests in the Varushanad hill ranges, which is 20 kms from Andipatti. Situated among the hills, this temple is atop a peak and surrounded by natural vegetation. Rainwater surrounds the mango trees near this temple and flows downhill in torrents. For this reason, the place has been named "mavoothu" that means "spring of the mango grove" in Tamil. This place has a perennial water source.


  • 70km away from Madurai in the south of Theni district
  • 14km away from Minatchipuram Railway Station Junction
  • 58km away from the Madurai Airport

How to Reach

By Road

Madurai being one of the ideal holiday and picnic destinations, the traveling options offered is pretty easy and convenient. The nearby bust terminal is the Madurai bus stand with many buses plying with a proper arrangement of running frequency. It takes near about 45mins to approach the dam, if opted to travel by road.

By Rail

There are two Railway stations in the close by proximity of the Vaigai Dam. Minatchipuram Railway Station Junction is just 14km from Vaigai Dam and offers flexible commutation facilities with several trains travelling to and fro to the place.

By Air

The nearest airport to Vaigai Dam is the Madurai Airport that is 58km away. Another is the Chennai Airport. This is an international airport and so, the flexibility and management of the flights is arranged perfectly to let the guests have a pleasurable traveling experience along with the tourism.

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