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Kuthiraiyar Dam

Kuthiraiyar Dam is located approximately nine kilometres to the south of Papampatti. This dam is located across Kuthiraiyar River which empties into Cauvery River and is a tributary of Amaravathy River. Nearest city to this place is Palani which lies in Dindigul district in the state of Tamil Nadu. The type of dam built on this river is masonry, gravity and earthen. The purpose for which this dam is built is irrigation.

This dam was completed in 1990 and the dimension of the dam is 899.9 meters in terms of length and 27.38 meters in terms of height. Qgis types of spillway are used in this dam and the type of spillway gates used is radial. There are total of three gates in this dam. The size of the spillway gates is 10 X 4.5 meters and the spillway capacity is measured as 593.15 cumec. The area in which this dam lies is rated as seismic zone II.


The area on which this dam is built had been ruled by various rulers, the evidence of which can be seen from diverse architecture found in this place. This place had been under the leadership of Nayaka Dynasty, Pandya Dynasty and the Madurai King. This place was also ruled by Hyder Ali and Tipu sultan in 18th century. There are various temples built by the rulers of different era which makes this place a heritage virtue. This place was also under British colonial empire.

Nearby Attractions

Dandayudhapani Temple

This sacred place is located on top of a hill at a height of around five hundred feet. The deity of this temple is Swami Murugan or God Subramanyam. Tourist can offer their prayers by climbing the stairs and exploring the natural beauty all around. Tourist can also reach the temple through ropeway facility. While travelling through rope train, tourists can appreciate the mesmerizing beauty of Palani town.

Tiru Avinankudi Temple

Located at the foot of Palani hills and dedicated to Lord Ganpati, this is the oldest and the largest temple. According to the tradition here, before visiting the temple on the hill, tourists should visit this temple.

Periyanayaki Temple

Goddess Parvati is the deity of this holy temple. The main attraction point of this temple is that it is carved out of stone.

Thekkanthottam Waterfalls

This waterfall is near to Palani town and can be reached by bus. After reaching this place, tourist will have to walk a path of three to four kilometres and after climbing through small rocks, they can reach the waterfalls. The waterfall is surrounded by calm beautiful forest area and is around six to seven feet in height.


The entire area around Kuthiraiyar Dam is hilly and so it serves as heaven for trekkers and hikers. People, who spend lot of time watching birds, can see several species of birds such as night herons and woodpeckers. Thaipusam, Thirukartikai, and Vaikasi Vishakham are the famous traditional festival of this place and the whole area is decorated like a bride during this period.

How to Reach

Tourist can reach Kuthiraiyar Dam and waterfalls from Palani. This dam is around one kilometre from Kumbai falls and can be reached through trekking. Palani is the major railway station which connects to Dindigal and Coimbatore. Madurai is around 115 kms from Palani and Coimbatore is around 105 kms.

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