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Aliyar Reservoir

Aliyar reservoir is mentioned as 6.48km2 which is (2.5 sq mi) reservoir situated near Pollachi town in Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu, South India. Aliyar dam is sited at the foothills of Valaparai in the Anamalai hills of Western Ghats. The Dam is actually 65 Km from Coimbatore and offers a number of other activities and enjoyments for the visitors. Some of the other excellent activities are theme parks, aquarium, play area, garden, and a mini theme park which is taken responsible by Tamil Nadu Fisheries Corporation for the enjoyment of the public. Boating is also a part of the enjoyment where the reservoir would be excellent natural scenery with three quarters surrounded by mountains.


It was during the period 1959-1969 that the Aliyar dam was constructed across the Aliyar River especially for irrigation purposes. During September 2002, the project was commissioned for the purpose of generating Hydro Electric power.


Water for Aliyar Lake is received from upper Aliyar reservoir means of hydroelectric power station in Navamali and Parambikulam reservoir by means of contour canal. Aliyar dam was developed as a partition of Parambikulam Aliyar project (PAP) which retains a huge reservoir. The length of the dam is about 2 km. The reservoir has its lowest level outlet at 930 feet which is (280m) above mean sea level (MSL) in the same way the canal intake is 980 feet (300m) above MSL. The spillway of the dam is 1,040 feet (320m) above MSL and the full reservoir level FRL is 1,050 feet (320m) above MSL. The maximum surface area is measured to be 48 hectares (120 acres) (1,600 acres). The volume of water in FRL is 3.864 Tmcft (88, 705 acre feet) (109,416,000m3)). 41 meters (135 feet) is the maximum depth and 16.8 meters (55ft) is the mean depth of the dam and 1.2m volume development. July and August is the period where the inflow is high. With a poor indented shoreline, the shore development is also poor and shallow which has led to limited development of aquatic plants and limnology of littoral zone. The Parambikulam Aliyar project holds a series of dams which are Aliyar, Parambikulam, Thunakadavu dam, Peruvaripallam Dam, Thirumoorthy Dam, Upper Nirar Dam, Sholayar Dam, Lower Nirar Dam which are interconnected by means of tunnels and canals for the purpose of power generation and irrigation. All these show expert engineering skill useful for irrigation.


Being a famed tourist’s destination Aliyar dam has a number of excitements and tourisms to be enjoyed nearby. Few of the tourist enjoyments nearby are garden, aquarium, park, theme park, play area, and is maintained by the Tamil Nadu fisheries corporation for tourists and visitors pleasure. The Aliyar dam entrance has the temple of consciousness located at Arutperunjoythi nagar, where Vethatiri Maharishi resides. Boating is another exciting experience to be enjoyed there. The natures green scenery with mountains bordered on all three sides makes your picnic an unforgettable one. Forest rest house is available for night stay and tree top house for adventures.

Best Time to Visit Aliyar Dam

The best time period to visit Aliyar dam would be after monsoon for a cherish able moment and avoiding summer can be a good idea.

Nearby Attractions

There are a number of nearby attractions which are situated a few kilo meters away which makes your trip more exciting.

  • Apart from the Aliyar dam, the Anamalai wild life sanctuary which is situated at an altitude of 1,400 meters near Pollachi holding a total area of 958 sq kms. The sanctuary owns excellent fauna such as pigeon, panther, elephant, gaur, tiger, pangolin, sloth bear, deer and more.
  • The Birla falls is another excellent waterfall which is located 2 km from Valparai. The falls is actually located near the Sholayar estate bordered by tea fields which is gift for the eyes to watch out.
  • Monkey falls is another important falls located near Aliyar dam on Pollachi-Valparai road. The falls is also famously known as ‘Chinna Kutralam’ as its natures finest and purest form of minerals. Your mind as well as body will get refreshed by watching out monkey falls. 
  • Sidhi vinayagar temple is another important spot which is 5km from Valparai and a beautiful garden environment. Congreve falls is another gift of nature which is located in the Nadumalai estate.
  • Manopally forest is another important and thrilling place for trekking and adventures which is 20 km from the town. Trekking sheds are also available for trekkers where this trip could be carried on with prior permission.
  • The grass hills are the most beautiful, most thrilling, most exciting and the most peaceful place on earth. This is a paradise on earth which forms a part of Indira Gandhi National Park, they are a unique and shola grasslands found on the higher reaches of Western Ghats. Rare species like Nilgiri Tahr and Nilgiri Pipit are found here which is not found anywhere in the world. The lush green meadows and carpet of grass shows natures beauty. Prior permission from forest department is required to get to this place.
  • Athirapally falls is another unique falls which is can be reached by drive of 80km from Valparai. The drive is achieved through one of the thickest forest which resembles the canopied forests of Amazon and Central Africa. The forest is so thick and evergreen that even sunlight seems tough to enter in and the road that leads to the falls is also in the same manner which would be a thrilling and exciting journey. The falls is popularly known as ‘Punnagai mannan falls’ or ‘Indian Niagara’ and seems to be a ground for many Indian movies. On the way to the falls there are two falls called Charpa and Vazachal falls. During the monsoon season, the Charpa fall divesonto the roads.
  • Nallamudi Pooncholai is 15km away from Valparai and can be reached through the tea garden. From here a Birdseye view of Anaimudi peak can be viewed which is considered as the highest peak of South India.
  • Loams view point has 9 hair pin bends and offers you an opportunity to view a panoramic view of Aliyar dam.
  • Tiger valley is yet another important spot which is 35km away from Valparai, from this spot an excellent view of Kadamparai and upper Aliyar projects can be viewed. Watching out the wind mills in this area is another treat to your cameras.
  • Carver mash view point is another is another important spot in Kavarkal estate. The main attraction in this place is the statue of Sir Carver Marsh who was the father of Anamalais.
  • Balaji temple is another important spot which is 10km from Valparai. There is also play area and garden for tiny kids. The temple is amidst tea gardens which makes the devotees filled with peace and relaxation.
  • Iraichal Parai falls is another falls located 8kms from Valparai. The falls originates form the grass hills and formulates the Nadumalai River which runs through Valaparai. Bathing is highly prohibited as the water is used for drinking in the surrounding localities.

How to Reach Aliyar Dam

Aliyar dam can be reached easily from Coimbatore and Palakkad (Kerala).

From Coimbatore

When initiating your trip from Coimbatore, a bus reaching Pollachi or Palany can be boarded from Ukkadam bus stand. Buses ply through every ten minutes for these destinations. The charge per person is Rs. 12 and can reach Pollachi within 45 minutes. If the bus is leading to Palany, make an enquiry if the bus moves via Pollachi. Once Pollachi is reached, there are two buses which lead to Aliyar reservoir which takes 1.5 hours with a charge of Rs 10. Buses which go to Valparai will move via Aliyar. So, it is always suggested to make clarifications with the conductor and driver whether the bus will stop at Aliyar.

From Palakkad

Pollachi can be reached from Palakkad via Chittoor which takes 1.5 hours with a charge of Rs 21. From Pollachi, the above said route can be followed.

Alternate Route

Another alternative solution to reach Aliyar is from Kerala via Chalakudy and Athirapally.

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