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Travel 16 kilometres from Valparai, a small hill station in Kodaikanal and come across the Nirar Dam. This dam is a part of hydroelectric power project, which is undertaken to power industries and homes in these plains. The dam is significant for irrigation. It also supplies water to various areas of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Tourists visiting Valparai are mostly charmed by three dams built in this area: Nirar Dam, and Aliyar Dam, and Sholayar Dam.


Nirar dam was built in the 60’s. The Government of Kamaraj constructed it.


Nirar dam never goes dry. It is a multi-purpose dam that provides water to people, irrigates their fields, and helps to produce electricity.

Nirar dam is constructed across the Nirar River at a lower level, around eight kilometres, below the Upper Nirar weir. The purpose of this dam is to carry out the diverted waters running in the Anaimalaiyar Basin to the Sholayar Valley. This will happen through the lower Tunnel, which is un-lined, from the dam site.

Water from Chinnakallar Falls gets directly collected in Nirar Dam. The upper Nirar Dam and the lower Nirar Dam are around 20 km and 15 km from Valparai, respectively.


The area around the Nirar Dam is beautiful. It is covered by a forest, which gives the place a mystical and lush charm.

Nirar Dam is a calm reservoir. It is one of the highest dams of Valparai. What attracts the most is the picturesque view from this dam. Watch the waters of this dam and it appears as if milk is flowing from it. There is a slight vibration as the water flows.

Best Time to Visit

January to May and October to November are the best months to visit Valparai and its dams.

Nearby Attractions

The drive from Pollachi to Valparai, which is a distance of 64 km, gives tourists an extra ordinary experience. The Indira Gandhi Wild Life Sanctuary falls en route. It harbours the lion-tailed macaque, Malabar giant squirrel, the spotted deer, the barking deer, the Nilgiri and common langur, the wild boar, and elephants, sambars and gaurs.

A part of this sanctuary is Grass Hills, which is a slope area covered every inch by grass. The area exhibits beautiful scenery.

Sholayar Dam located near Nirar dam is tagged as the second highest dam of Asia. This place has become a busy tourist destination thanks to its scenic surroundings and interesting forest area. There are two divisions of this dam. The Upper Sholayar dam is easily reachable and a tourist haven, while the Lower Sholayar dam is deep in the forest.

The Chinnakallar Falls, which roar like a lion, offers a thrilling experience to tourists. A major attraction is its hanging bridge that takes tourists across the falls. Chinnakallar, also known as “Cherrapunji of South India,” is the area in India with the second highest rainfall. The area is wet and misty year round. The drive to this area is pleasant. The lush dense forest is edged by tall trees.

Apart from natural attractions, the area nearby Nirar Dam also harbours spots of religious significance. The hotspot Balaji temple of Karamalai is situated 10 kms from Valparai. The owner of this temple is Periya Karamalai tea industries. The temple also displays a lovely garden featuring exotic flowers, plus a children’s park.

There is also the Karamalai Annai Velankanni church at a distance of 10 kms from Valaparai.

Just 5 kms from Valparai is the Siddhi Vinayakar temple. It is owned by Jayshree tea industries. The area is attractively tranquil and hygienic.

The Aliyar Dam is situated in the foothills of Valparai.

Tourists visiting Valparai and going to the Nirar Dam cannot miss the above tourist spots.

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