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Pambar Reservoir

Pambar Reservoir is on Pambar River. The river originates from Anaimudi Hills of Idukki district of Kerala. It then diverts its course to Tamil Nadu. Out of the 44 rivers of Kerala, Pambar, Bhavani and Kabani are the only three rivers that flow towards the east.

Pambar River meets Chinnar River at Koottar. Here, tourists can avail themselves a cozy tree house accommodation.


Pambar reservoir was built after independence.


Pambar reservoir is constructed at a height of 1400 feet. It was built mainly for irrigation purpose. Pambar Dam is a part of Pambar Reservoir Medium Irrigation Project. It was started in 1977 and was completed in 1983. The basin is on east-flowing rivers between Kanyakumari and Pennar.

Nearby Attractions

Marampatti Village lies close to Pambar Reservoir. This scenic village features mango trees and coconut plantations. Yet another scenic attraction near the reservoir is Thoovanam waterfalls. They lie deep inside the sanctuary on Pambar River. The falls offer a spectacular view and are one of the main tourist attractions. Tourists can arrange for guided trekking at Karimutti Forest Station.

Another tourist attraction near Pambar Reservoir is Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. It is situated in the rain shadow area of Western Ghats. The Sanctuary harbors several exotic flora and fauna, plus dry thorn forests. The place also features deciduous forests, riparian types, and grasslands interwoven with rocks, hillocks, plains, and cliffs. This offers micro-habitat for a wide variety of life forms, which is the richest in Kerala.

The Sanctuary harbors reptilian creatures. Tourists can find Albizia Lathamii, which is a critically endangered species. The Grizzled Giant Squirrel poses as one of the major attractions. The renowned ‘white bison of Maniampatti’ is present here, along with about 225 species of birds. This is a must-see spot for tourists visiting Pambar Reservoir.

Apart from this, tourists can hardly miss the breath taking Kumbakarai waterfalls and Thoovanam Waterfalls. The former lies at the foothills of Kodaikanal Hill and is regarded as one of the best natural places for tourists to enjoy. The falls never go dry and continue to charm tourists all year round. The latter offers an amazing tourism experience with its spectacular silvery cascade of water, trekking facility, and attractive wildlife.

How to Reach

The dam lies at close distance to Uthangarai. The dam is surrounded by several villages.

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