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Sothupparai Dam

Sothupparai dam is a tourist place in Theni district of the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India. The dam site is about 12 kms from Periyakulam, a modest town of some 40,000 odd population. In fact, Periyakulam can boast of five dams within radius of twenty kms. The vast expanse of water body at Sothupparai dam is a feast to the eyes of visitors. This dam is built across River Varaha or Varahaganathi. The dam is at the foot of Kodaikanal Hills, which are Western Ghats of Palani Range. The name Sothupparai is derived from the combination of two words from the local Tamil language. The meanings of these two words are food and rocks.

Sothupparai dam length is medium. It is not a gigantic structure. However, the storage of water ensures continuous supply of water to the nearby town, Periyakulam. The whole region around this dam is characterized by hills. The thick vegetation in surrounding areas adds to the visual beauty of the dam. Perennial streams from the adjoining hills pour into the water catchment area of the dam.


The dam is 345 meters long. The maximum height is 57 meters. The width at the top of the dam is little over seven meters. Channels are constructed of handling water discharge. Total length of channels is about seven kms. The dam has a catchment area of 48 square kms. Perennial streams from surrounding hills pour into the catchment area. Water discharge from Berijam Lake in Kodaikanal also accumulates at Sothupparai dam.

A small tunnel in the dam provides a gateway to the discharged water. The gates at the tunnel are opened as per situational requirements. The heavy inflow of water in the catchment area of Sothupparai dam, sometimes warrant effective management of controlled discharge. Water from the reservoir quenches the thirst of residents of the nearby town of Periyakulam. The supply is adequately processed before reaching the water taps in the town.


The presence of water streams cascading down the hill ranges is an attraction to the visitors, who love nature. The streams can be sighted throughout the year, making it a popular spot. A thick green cover of vegetation provides a pleasing view. Silver lined clouds and rocks blend magically with scenic ambience. The visitors are enchanted by the rich bounty of nature. A garden at the dam with colorful foliage and flowers attracts the tourists, who wish to enjoy nature at its best. The visit at any time of the year gives equally good experience to tourists. The water released from the dam for irrigation purpose flows through rocks and boulders, giving natural cascading effect of a running stream. The view of such a stream is also enjoyable.

Trekkers use the passage to small hamlets in the hills to experience the thrill of trudging in natural environs. Visitors coming to the Sothupparai dam through Periyakulam town also love the taste of special mango varieties, grown in adjoining areas. A visit to some old temples in Periyakulam additionally offers glimpse of ancient culture of Tamil Nadu. Another major tourist destination of Kodaikanal is 80 kms away from Sothupparai dam. Most needs of local tourists are adequately fulfilled by the modest infrastructure of Periyakulam town.

How to Reach Sothupparai Dam

The district headquarters of Theni is about 15 kms from Periyakulam, which is the nearest township for Sothupparai dam. Buses and taxies are the most common mode of transport in the area. Madurai, another major city of Tamil Nadu is about 80 kms from Periyakulam.

International tourists have the option of reaching Coimbatore, a city on the international aviation circuit and then traveling to Periyakulam by road, through a distance of about 200 kms. On the whole, tourists are assured of satisfaction of visiting a memorable spot.

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