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The Fair Of Baba Sodal

The Fair of Baba Sodal is conducted in the memory of Sodal, a small boy who became the most respected baby-God. The fair generally comes in the month of Bhadon during mid-September to mark the death anniversary of Sodal at his smadh. The fair is celebrated once in a year and lasts for a single day. The people engage themselves in celebrations on the 14th of Shukal Paksh (bright half of the lunar month), the day on which the child is believed to have received his communion with God.

Men and women gather here during early morning hours on the day of the fair. They come in large numbers to make an offering at the smadh. People also take a holy bath in a tank described as the 'Baba Sodal da Sarovar'.


Sodal was a member of Chadha clan of Khatri caste born in the city of Jalandhar. The story goes that the mother of Baba Sodal was going to a nearby pond to wash clothes one day. Sodal started following his mother, despite the mother repeatedly asking him not to do so and asked him to go back. His mother gets angry and shouted, "Have you come here to die? Go and drown yourself in the pond."

The boy asked her mother to repeat the same words three times and the mother did it. After this, Sodal plunged himself into the water, never to appear again.

Meanwhile, there is another version of the story that says that he simply fell dead on the spot. However, according to the third version, Sodal transformed himself into a snake and bored himself into the earth.

It is believed by the people of the city of Jalandhar that Sodal was blessed with divine powers and they celebrate his death anniversary with full dedication and excitement every year.

Significance of the Smadh of Baba Sodal

The smadh of Baba Sodal is considered as the main place of worship. A painted portrait of Baba Sodal has been kept inside the smadh. The portrait is decorated with garlands and rosaries and is managed by a separate priest who distributes the offering among pilgrims.

This smadh is of great significance and people come here from different parts of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. You will see many female pilgrims flocking the smadh to seek blessings for their children and for the general well-being of their families.

Customs and Traditions

People visiting this place extract mud as it is believed that this will enable Baba Sodal to appear on the day of Tryadashi (13th of local month). The prayer also involves the preparation of Kasar which is offered 14 times.

On Chaturdashi (14th day), the Chadha clan eats only fried food. They sow 'Khetri’ in the name of Baba Sodal on the night before the fair. It is considered a tradition that will keep their clan happy and prosperous.

Transport Connectivity

Jalandhar city has a well-developed transport system and one can get here by bus, train or cab. Jalandhar has a large railway station that provides regular connectivity with places, such as Delhi, Amritsar and Jammu. It is advisable to book your train tickets in advance along with the taxis that will drop you to your visiting place.

The nearest airport to Jalandhar is at Amritsar which is an international airport offering excellent connectivity to several countries. The airport also offers well connected and frequent flights to Delhi.

When it comes to road transportation, Jalandhar has an extensive connectivity to several places in the northern part of India. Buses can be easily found for places, including Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh. Jalandhar is 367 kilometres from Delhi, 634 kilometres from Jaipur, 770 kilometres from Lucknow and 800 kilometres from Kanpur.

Weather and Hotels

Jalandhar witnesses hot and humid climatic conditions, and the climate here can be described as sub- tropical. The best time to visit Jalandhar is the winter season as during this time most parts of the city have cool climatic conditions. The temperature ranges from a minimum of 25°C and can rise up to a maximum of 48°C during the summer season, while it ranges from minus five degrees to a maximum of 19°C during the winter period.

Accommodation ranges from low-budget rooms to deluxe and luxury rooms. Some hotels offer high speed internet, LCD TVs and recreation centres. Punjabi cuisine is a specialty of these hotels.

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