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Muktsar Fair

The famous Muktsar Fair, also known as the Muktsar Maghi Fair, is held at Muktsar Town, located in the south western region of Punjab. To the east of Muktsar is Bhatinda, while Ferozepur lies to its west. Rajasthan and Haryana are the states lying south of Muktsar, while to its north lies Faridkot. The district derives its name from the 40 martyrs or Muktas who fought a valiant battle against the Mughal army in Khidrana in 1705 on the orders of the 10th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh. Their bodies were cremated on the 1st day of the month of Magh, which usually falls on the 13th January every year.

The Muktsar Fair is a very important event in the calendar of Punjabis and more specifically for the villages of Muktsar. A huge gathering of people from nearby villages comes together to commemorate the event and pay their respects to the martyrs.

Significance of Muktsar Fair

The Muktsar Fair was initiated as a tribute to the martyrs of the Battle of Khidrana, in which 40 loyal followers sacrificed their lives fighting the Mughal soldiers. The memories of these brave martyrs are invoked on this important day. Sikhs also pay their tributes to Guru Gobind Singh Ji on this day. The participants take an early morning bath in the sacred tank at Muktsar and take a procession to the three holy mounds formed in the memory of the brave Sikh soldiers.

Date of Muktsar Fair

The Muktsar Fair is held on Makar Shankranti day, which falls on the 14th of January every year. According to Hindu calendar is the first day of the month of Magh.

Celebration of Muktsar Fair

Hailed as one of the largest Sikh fairs of Punjab, the Muktsar Fair begins for devotees with a holy bath in the sacred tank called Muktsar or ‘The pool of salvation’. A mohalla or procession is taken to the three holy mounds situated to the North-West of Muktsar. These mounds are called Rikab Sahib, Mukhwanjana Sahib, and Tibbi Sahib.

Rikab Sahib is made up of the earth taken from the holy pond and thrown at one spot by the devotees. Tibbi Sahib is the place from where Guru Gobind Singh fired his arrows at the enemy forces. Mukhwanjana Sahib is believed to be the place where Sikhs believe their Guru had cleaned his teeth with a tooth stick. Devotees also visit the Tambu Sahib, where the Guru’s tent was hoisted before the battle started. On the last day of the three-day festival, cultural programs are organized, which include traditional dances and folk songs performed by local artists.

The event also includes a huge fair of cattle held at village Lambi Dhab. High-quality breed of horses for which Muktsar Sahib is famous for are displayed at the fair for potential buyers. Tourists and devotees usually stay at the accommodation provided by the administrators at Shri Kalgidhar Niwas. It has 40 spacious and well-ventilated rooms.

How to Reach Muktsar?

Muktsar is well-connected to other cities of Punjab by road and rail. The railway station is located 1.5 kms from the main city and is connected by broad gauge to other cities. By road, Muktsar is 32 kms from Kotkapura, 58 kms from Bhatindas, and 245 kms from Chandigarh. Buses of Punjab Roadways and private operators run through Muktsar, connecting it to other major cities of the state.

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