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Prof Mohan Singh Mela Ludhiana

Professor Mohan Singh Mela is held in memory of the great son of Punjab. Prof. Mohan Singh created some true literary gems through his poetry writings like Sanve Pattar, which means The Green Leaves, Jindran or Locks, and Buhe or Doors. He is credited with writing more than 10 books of poetry and one Mahakavya. The festival is typical of all Punjabi festivals, in terms of vibrancy, energy, and enthusiasm.

Prof. Mohan Singh is acknowledged as one of the best poets of modern Punjab. His verses covered a whole spectrum of topics affecting the lives of the common Punjabi man. The secular outlook of his poems attracted the youth of Punjab to his writings and made the Professor famous throughout the country and abroad.

Prof. Mohan Singh is considered by many as the greatest Punjabi poet after Waris Shah. If one were to go by the demand for his books, he is indeed the rightful claimant to this title. His debut collection of poems Sanve Pattar sold over a Lakh copies and comes a close second to Heer penned by Waris Shah.

The Mela or festival attracts some of the greatest literary personalities of the country who share their work with the large assembly of enthusiasts keen to listen to the poetic geniuses of the leading poets in Punjab.

Significance of Professor Mohan Singh Mela, Ludhiana

The Prof. Mohan Singh Mela is celebrated in the month of October every year in Ludhiana district of Punjab. The event is held to honor the memory of Prof. Mohan Singh, one of the most read and extremely popular Punjabi poets. The Mela was started by one of the most ardent fans and of the poet, Jagdev Singh Jassowal, after the death of the Professor in 1978. The Mela is a significant event for literary personalities. Poets, writers, social activists, dancers, folk singers, and others from the world of arts and crafts are facilitated on the occasion for their contributions in their respective fields. The focus is on promoting the language, literature, and culture of the state among the younger generation.

Date of Mohan Singh Mela

The Mela is held on the 20th of October every year, which is the birthday of Professor Mohan Singh at Ludhiana.

Celebration of Professor Mohan Singh Mela

The Mela is organized every year by the Professor Mohan Singh Foundation. The preparations begin early in the morning by garlanding the statue of the Professor at his home located near Arti Cinema in Ludhiana. A procession is carried out from his home to Arti Chowk, where famous personalities and children offer floral respects to the Professor. The procession then continues to the Punjabi Bhavan.

The Mela includes various literary events and even some non-literary ones. Poets and writers from various states present their work to an eager audience. The compositions of Professor Mohan Singh are also recited on the occasion. There are various types of awards given out on the occasion. These include Jeewan Daani Puraskar, Lok Kalavan Puruskar, Gazal Badshah, Sur Sehzada Award, Sharvan Putra Award, and Sangeet Samrat Award, among others.

The evening of the event is reserved for cultural programs. An exhibition of utensils, clothes, paintings, and handicrafts are also held. People can buy books of famous authors from Punjab along with pictures of personalities from various spheres of arts and crafts. The venue also showcases statue of Professor Mohan Singh along with other famous names of Punjabi literature. One interesting aspect of the Mela is that all shades that make the colors of Punjab are presented in a unique way. Red chilies, yellow sandbank, blue rivers, and lush green landscapes mingle with the glitter of ornaments that traditionally adorn Punjabi women.

Professor Mohan Singh wrote for 50 long years and has left behind a treasure trove of rich literature whose value is truly timeless. He was awarded the Soviet Land Nehru award in 1968 and became the first Punjabi writer to be thus honored.

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