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Swami Samath Maharaja died in 1878. He is one of the three successive re-embodiment of Guru Dattatreya. As a child, he himself told to people that he came from the forests of Kardali.  He was a Shulkla Yajurvedi Kanva Shakha bramin. He shifted to Akalkot in 1856 as he was invited by Chintopant Tol. Thus, came the name Akalkot Swami.

He stayed at Akalkot for 22 years on the border of the town. He used to say that earlier to his departure to Kardali forest, he was living in Ganagapura which is in Karnataka for a long period of time and distributed the Niguna Padukas to the devotees and disciplines of the Ganagapura.

It is believed by the devotees that his ancestor Shri Narsimha Swami also went to the same forest. He took Samadhi there and never came back. It is said that he was in Samadhi for three hundred years. During this period, a huge ant hill grew around his body and no one knows what happened to him afterwards. After many years, one day, a woodcutter unknowingly cleared the anthill and found a yogi baba in deep meditation. He had a wound of axe on the thigh. The wound was due to the axe of woodcutter. He was scared of the yogi and got surprised when instead of anger, yogi spoke in a very gentle tone to him and asked him not to feel sorry as it was written by God and the time has come for him to enter in the world again.

The yogi who rose from Samadhi was not Sri Narsimha Swami Maharaj but his new avatar Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj with the scar of axe as a permanent mark on his thigh. Akalkot is situated in Solapur district of Maharashtra, India. Akalkot Swami left his human body in this place only after taking Mahasmadhi.

Miracles Traits to Swami Samarth

It is said that when Swami Samarth came back to world he had many powers like Shri Sai baba of Shirdi. It is said that they both are good spirits on two different bodies.

Few of the miracles seen by people are:

  1. Once a scorpion bit the wife of one of the servant’s of Swami Samarth. The pain made her restless and she shouted with pain. Those days Swami Ji was residing in his house only. By seeing this, Swami Ji threw his shoe to her and asked her to put her hand on which scorpion bitted her inside the shoe. As she put her hand in the shoe her pain disappeared and as she removed her hand from the shoe, she again felt the severe pain. So, whole night she kept her hand inside the shoe and next morning her pain was gone and there was no mark on her hand either.

  2. Once Swami Ji went to a nearby village by the name of Ldagi with his followers and took shelter in a temple of Maruti. There one of his followers was bitten by snake and with the influence of poison he died. His dead body was brought by the villagers to Swami Ji. One of the servants of Swami Ji put Swami Ji’s shoe on the head of the dead body. Swami Ji by seeing this got very angry and abuses his servant and later asked him to call the dead person loudly by his name. As Swami Ji’s servant called the name of dead person, he suddenly woke up and sat with surprise.

Swami Ji always mumbles few words (mantras) which are very tough to understand for all. Swami Ji after 600 years of his avtara went to Samadhi on 30th April 1878 under the Banyan tree. The devotees still feel the power of his spirituality around them.

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