Bollywood is a term that is usually interpreted as the world of Indian Cinema. However, in the correct sense, it is only a section of the Indian Cinema that represents Hindi films. The operations of Bollywood are based out in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It also includes production of movies in different languages. When it comes to film production, Bollywood industry is the largest in India and is one of the big names as far as the world cinema is concerned.

Hindi Cinema is a common word by which Bollywood is known to the world. English is dominated in Hindi movies of late as dialogues in Hindi movies have vernacular versions of English through certain words and phrases known as Hinglish (Hindi and English).

Silent Era of Bollywood

The entertainment industry of India underwent a revolution when the new century was born as this was the period that saw the first movie of the Silent Era, Raja Harishchandra. This movie was released by none other than Dadasaheb Palkhe, who is fondly remembered as the “Father of Indian Cinema” today. It was during 1913 that this mythology-based full-length movie was released in India. The world sat up and took notice of Bollywood then.

As technological progress started making roadways into the country, the first “talking” movie was released during 1931. The movie, Alam Ara, was screened in Mumbai. This movie was a pleasant shock to the Indian audiences as they found great excitement when the actors spoke, cried, sang and displayed various emotions on screen. This movie is a treasure that is cherished till date by Bollywood.

The years 1930s and 1940s acted as catalysts for the development of Bollywood and great geniuses like SS Vasan, Chetan Anand, Debaki Bose, Nitin Bose and many more evolved in this era.

This was also the period where lots of movies in other languages like Tamil, Telugu and Kannada were being made, thereby stirring up a storm in the Film industry in the South. Towards the end of 1940s, India cinema industry had penetrated into various languages making religion-based movies.

Awards of Bollywood

Filmfare, a film based magazine started off the Filmfare Awards for Hindi films during 1954 and till date, this remains one of the most watched awards in Bollywood. In 1954, awards were given away to great performances in movies released during 1953. Initially, these awards were given the name, Clare, as an ode to the editor of the Filmfare magazine. The Oscars awards given away by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is the role model for these awards too, as the winners are chosen based on voting by the individuals. These awards also received flak from critics for showing partiality to successful films over good films.

The other important award for Indian Cinema is the National Film Awards that were given away by the Directorate of Film Festivals (DFF). The awards are given to some great movies from Bollywood and other languages. Art movies too are awarded for their performances. These awards are given away to deserving awardees by the President in a yearly event. While Filmfare awards are given away based on voting from the general public and movie experts, the National Film Awards are given away based on the decisions taken by a committee of members who work for the Indian Government.

Some of the important award ceremonies conducted in India is Stardust awards, Screen Awards and Global Indian Film and Television Honours. Some of the important award ceremonies conducted abroad are Bollywood Movie Awards (New York), Global Indian Film Awards (a new country every year), IIFA – International Indian Film Academy Awards (a new country every year) and Zee Cine Awards (a new country every year).

Technology Rules

During the period of 1990s Hindi cinema showed different feelings like love, comedy, horror, action etc. Technology development too was on a steady progress and this was the time when Dolby digital sound system, special effects of global standards and mind boggling choreography were introduced to Indian cinema. The scripts and performances underwent a lot of fine tuning and corporates began to get interested in sponsoring movies.

This was the time when highly acclaimed actors like Shahrukh Khan, Maduri Dixit, Salman Khan, Rajinikanth, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Chiranjeevi and Juhi Chawla ruled Hindi cinema and they began using the technology to the maximum possible level to bring innovations in every single movie.

Golden Appeal of Bollywood

After taking baby steps, Indian cinema - in general and Bollywood - in specific started to rub shoulders with international personalities and by 21st century, it started to make movies to cater to the needs of foreign nationals as well. Some important movies made it to the international movie festivals happening in different countries thereby increasing the exposure and reach of Indian movies. Bollywood earns a sizeable income through money that comes from its movie’s successes on foreign lands. International production giants like 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Eros and Disney have begun investing in Bollywood movies.

Indian corporate magnets like UTV, Adlabs and Zee have entered into production and distribution of Bollywood movies. This ensured that movies got more screen presence in theatres all over the country, resulting in a considerable increase in money and goodwill for Bollywood. As of 2003, a whopping number of 30 companies that were into producing films were listed on NSE, explaining the penetration of Bollywood films in the country.

Cinema continues to be the sole entertaining factor for millions of audiences in India and abroad. Though, DTH has brought movies into one’s own homes, theatre experience still remains unbeatable.


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