The train, Deccan Odyssey has become a fantasy for some and a dream train for others. By taking up a journey for a week or so in the Deccan Odyssey, one can enjoy the splendid discoveries of the state of Maharashtra and have a look at the Konkan people and their lives.

Starting from the city of Mumbai, this Deccan Odyssey train with golden and blue colour, travels along the coast of Konkan, passing through the not much popular yet attractive beaches of Tarkarli and Ganapatipule. In this beach, the Sindhudurg Sea Fort is situated giving a ghostly presence, thereafter the train leaving behind these scenic splendors into the Goan coast with its array of beaches with powdery sands and high rise cathedrals.

From here at Goa, the ride on this fairy train goes towards north, into the heart of the state of Maharashtra, stopping at Pune, which is supposedly the cultural centre of this state. The next stop for the train is in Ajanta and Ellora caves temples, constructed with galleries of art during the period from 2BC to 10AD. Both these places have found a mention as World Heritage Sites. In Aurangabad, tourists will come across the Bibi-ka-Maqbara, which is said to have been built on the lines of Taj Mahal. Nashik and its resplendent orchards of fruits and extensive vineyards are the next visit.

This Deccan Odyssey has been promoted by Government of Maharashtra, in collaboration with the Indian Government’s Ministry of Railways. Besides having plenty of tourist destinations in the itinerary, this train also serves as a hotel of 5-star standards moving on wheels, comprising of a bar, two restaurants, sauna and such facilities and even a centre exclusively for business purposes. Compartments found in the Deccan Odyssey with all the special features have been brought out from the Chennai located Integral Coach Factory.

For a brief period in 2004, the train was suspended by the government of Maharashtra, citing lack of bookings, but after the monsoon season, it was restarted.
Beginning on Wednesdays, the train starts its journey from Mumbai, going around for 7 nights trip.

The Great Interior of Deccan Odyssey

This train, supposedly the queen moving on the tracks, has obtained its name from the Deccan plateau, which has an irregular and rocky landscape. 21 well decorated coaches are connected to form the Deccan Odyssey, with names of each coach being given after various sites and monuments of historical importance in Maharashtra, with the bar being aptly named as Mumbai High.

When people enter into the space of this precious blue coloured train, for their journey, it is living a dream because of the artwork which adorns the interior of the Deccan Odyssey. Interior of the train has heavy decorations of woodwork of rich colour and royal looks, providing a recreation of the Peshawa’s era. Inside the Deccan Odyssey are a number of facilities such as a saloon bar where smoking area is there, well fitted conference rooms with communication via satellite features, internet and telephony. Business room has been designed in such a way that it can be converted into a dance floor during the night when required. The train also comprises of two cars with dining spaces, where meals with palate satisfying features are served, the cuisines ranging from Indian, Goan, Maharashtraian, continental, and even Chinese. Besides, there are other facilities like spa from where the view of the outside is present, restaurants, mini gym, separate suites for people with handicap, steam bath, beauty parlour, lounge car having plasma television and high end music system. Attendants present in the train are highly professional and trained, guaranteed to take up the best care of travelers. Even, valet services are provided separately for each coupe, helping in the services instantly.

History of Deccan Odyssey

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation and ministry of Indian Railways together launched the Deccan Odyssey. Lots of years have gone by after the train started its journey and can be rightly compared with the other royal trains in the world, such as those of Europe’s The Orient Express, South Africa’s The Blue Train and South East Asia’s Oriental and Eastern trains.

In 2001 February, a MoU was finalized between Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation and Ministry of Railways. A design of Blue limousine was selected. By 2003 end, two years later from the signing of MoU, the Deccan Odyssey became ready to start its journey and the first trip happed on 2004, 16th January from Mumbai’s CST or Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.

Sightseeing Places by Deccan Odyssey

Serene Beaches, Magnificent Forts and Palaces, Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Goa Churches, Mahalakshmi Temple in Pune, Nasik Vineyard

Don’t Miss on Deccan Odyssey

The Bar with well stocked spirits can be enjoyed, which also has an repute internationally. Photographs in groups can be clicked, to take back as souvenir.

The Magic section of Deccan Odyssey is having plenty of food stored of exotic varieties and the cuisine offers an experience of epicurean delights. Inside the Deccan Odyssey, there are facilities resembling the hotel standards of five star luxuries, where connectivity of mobile phones and internet with televisions are provided in each room.

Deccan Odyssey can go at 110 kms in an hour speed, but the usual maintained speed is 75 to 80 km/h, providing an enjoyable experience of journey.

Tourists spend about 168 hours in Deccan Odyssey trips with opulence that increases with the amenities provided in the suites and spacious comforts and pampered services.


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