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Gola Northend

Gola Northend is a multi-cuisine chain of restaurant in Gujranwala, New Delhi, near North Campus. Gola Northend offers a wide variety of food starting from palette cleansing soups to mouth-watering kebabs. They have a variety of Indian and Chinese food to offer to the guests. However, they also provide the customers with a surprising array of Anglo-Indian, Gujarati and Pakistani cuisines. Gola Northend is a pub cum lounge bar where people can sit and relax alone or with friends after a hard day’s work or at the weekend. Gola Northend has a gorgeous dance floor of its own with an in-house DJ to make diners feel great throughout the evening while dining. Food is specially enjoyed while sharing it with friends and loved ones so, if one chooses to dine at a restaurant like Gola Northend there is no doubt about the fact that one will enjoy their time in a restaurant which not only offers great food but is also very hospitable to the guests. Gola Northend is a tireless favourite of the residents. Locals love to come back to Gola every time as the restaurant never compromises with the quality of food they offer to the diners’. It is spread over 3 floors and is a part of the Gola chain which has made sizzlers a super duper hit in the city. The bar is on the third floor with a lot of space to hop around and high stools to grab on to if one wishes to sit down for a while in between chit chats. Discussing about the décor the most visible and prominent decoration is that there are a lot of Chinese showpieces and feng shui artistically and advantageously placed all over the restaurant. As Gola Northend is a lounge cum restaurant, the music played here is not only beautiful but it helps one to relax while having the delicious food. It is soothing and one can also dance with their beloved ones on the dance floor with the sound of music.

Overall Gola Northend offers a wide spread of menu to the diners. Sizzler is considered to be a must have if one is planning to dine in Gola. It is a pocket friendly restaurant and thus one can order food without noticing the price of the items thoroughly. The drinks are also delicious and amazing so together the food is accompanied well with a drink of the diner’s choice. This restaurant offers both veg and non-veg food to the customers so it will not be a problem for anyone who is planning a tempting dinner here.

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