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Bharati Delhi Emporium

If there is something that India has been famous since time immemorial, then it has to be its craftwork. It has always been a home to talented and skilled craftsmen and weavers and Bharati Delhi Emporium is one of the best places in Delhi that showcases the work done by numerous Indian craftsmen including weavers and folk artists. The work of these artists is such that it has left an impression in the minds of people who have visited this place. This is a famous tourist spot in Delhi and the ambience, décor, exhibition and everything else in this place is such, that it has attracted both tourists and locals alike.

This emporium offers you the real picture of cultural India through its exhibits and sale of products. It has a lot of things in store for its customers and offers them an amazing range of various art forms and innovative craftwork each of which has its own uniqueness in terms of style, design, concept, theme and presentation. It is an ideal shopping store where you can enjoy a perfect shopping experience. It offers you a perfect blend of both traditional and modern products like sarees, carpets, handloom, fabric, wood carvings, leather paintings, garments, zardoze, shawls, brassware, and handicraft products made from white metal and marble.

This is not all that you get in this store. There is an exclusive range of beautiful designer jewelleries and antique products, thereby offering something for everyone and representing the true heritage of the country.

This emporium in Delhi offers the perfect platform for artisans and craftsmen who are new in this field and also skilled and famous artisans to show their work and demonstrate their products. The main aim of this emporium is to protect the vast handicraft industry of the country that once flourished and it does so by offering assistance and protection to these artisans and craftsmen and their product. It ensures that these people get the right price for their products and this in turn encourages them to continue with their creations. The products designed and created by these master craftsmen are famous all over the world and this emporium enjoys a turnover of hundreds of Lakhs every year.


India has always been a home to some of the most skilled artisans and craftsmen and some of them are the best in the world. This requires no proof as history itself is the witness to it. Be it the beautiful carving in the rocks of the Ajanta and Ellora Caves or the temples of Khajuraho, all exhibit the talent of Indian artisans and their perfection in creating master pieces those are famous all over the world.

The Bharati Delhi Emporium was made by the Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructural Development Corporation Ltd. (DSIIDC) to encourage Indian craftsmen and artisans to exhibit their product and for development of the Indian handicraft industry. The DSIIDC has a very important role in shaping up the capital city of the country. It was established in the year 1971 and it is responsible for changing the face of Delhi and for its development and modernity.

It was in the year 1975 that the Bharati Delhi emporium was established and the DSIIDC was entrusted for its maintenance and operation. This emporium offers 19 different categories of products and consists of three stories in total. It offers you a potpourri of different kinds of handicraft items and is a shoppers’ paradise for people looking for quality products.


  • To encourage Indian artisans and craftsmen to show their skills and talents in the country and the world at large
  • To produce, procure and sell the products created by these craftsmen and give them the price they deserve
  • To develop the quality of Indian Handicrafts and prevent it from becoming obsolete
  • To strengthen the Indian handicraft industry and develop a market of their own
  • To generate adequate revenues from this industry
  • To market and advertise their products so that these can collect maximum revenue
  • To exhibit the true culture of the of the country to Indian and foreigners alike


The Bharati Emporium enjoys a great location and is located along the Baba Kharak Singh Marg at the Connaught Place (CP). This is the reason as to why people from all over the country visit this place all around the year. CP is always flooded with tourists as here there are umpteen numbers of shops, restaurants and eateries. Do not forget to visit this emporium for a perfect shopping experience. Eat, shop, hang out…there is always something or the other to keep you busy in CP.

Inside the Premises

As already mentioned, the Bharati Delhi Emporium comprises of three floors and each of these floors offers you different products starting from wooden artifacts to clothing and everything else.

The basement is for artifacts made from brass like statues, figures and figurines, candle holders, idols of Gods and Goddesses, leather items like bags those look elegant and have been made from the finest quality of leather, wooden toys those are environmental friendly collected from various parts of the country, artificial jewelleries those have beautiful designs, rich and aroma-full teas from the gardens of Assam and Darjeeling, a plethora of gifts made from white metals, handloom products like bedcovers, artefacts made by awardees including photo frames, statues etc., footwear and zari work products like bags etc. available in various styles and colours and stationary items as well like handmade papers, folders etc.

The ground floor offers you semi precious jewelleries like necklaces, earrings, danglers etc., beautiful handmade marble artefacts, traditional sarees and shawls of different varieties, and wooden handicrafts showcasing the skilful work of the artisans.

Finally the first floor showcases ladies’ and gents’ garment like salwars, lehengas, kurtis, shirts, kurtas, stoles, ties and everything else, carpets and beautiful Indian paintings made by skilful painters. You will be more than just impressed by seeing their collection. It would be really difficult to walk away from this store without buying more than one product.

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