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Adventure Island

Spread across 62 acres, The Rohini Amusement Park situated in North west part of Delhi includes MetroWalk, the Shopping Mall in addition to the premium amusement park, Adventure Island and a water park. Unitech and International Amusement, the promoters of Appu Ghar form the 50-50 patnership to set up the Amusement Park. The park goes on to attract people from all parts of Delhi.

The amusement park contains about 26 rides and attractions along with exciting water rides. All the rides here are bought in by suppliers that cater to international amusement parks such as Six Flags, Universal and Disney World.

Rides at Adventure Island

  • Flip Out Ride : require a minimum height of 4.4 and runs for a minimum of 2 minutes and hold capacity of 12 people
  • Fire Brigade : With a minimum of 3.2 height required, this ride can accommodate 24 people
  • Cyclone: Operational for 140 Seconds, this thrilling ride requires minimum height of 4 and can hold 32 people
  • Wild Wheels: Running for 180 seconds, this exotic ride of minimum height 4 can take 32 people
  • Bush Buggies: Requiring a minimum height of 3, this exciting ride can function for 3 minutes and has the capacity to hold 20 people.
  • Space Jump
  • Z-Force : Holding 8 persons, this exhilarating ride entail a minimum height of 4 and runs for a duration of 120 seconds.
  • Twister: Entailing minimum 4.4 height, this breathtaking ride of duration 120 seconds can accommodate 31 people
  • Air Pogo
  • Derby Devils:  With a minimum height of 3.2, this exhilarating ride runs for 120 seconds and has the capacity to take 24 people
  • Splash Down: Minimum height required is 4 with capacity to function for 240 seconds and can hold 24 people
  • Side Winder: An adventurous ride of minimum height 4.2, can operate for a duration of 100 seconds and can take 24 people
  • Lightning Bolt:  A fun ride of minimum height 4 for the duration of 180 seconds can hold 24 people
  • SkyRiders : An amusing ride taking 100 people running for a duration of 180 seconds is of minimum height 4
  • Rocking tug: With a minimum height of 3.2, this pleasant ride of 150 seconds can hold 24 people
  • Kids Bumper Cars: The fun ride for kids of minimum height 3 can take 24 people and runs for 180 seconds
  • Float Boat:
  • Trail Train:

Tickets and Time at Adventure Island

Time: Open from 12:00pm to 8:00pm


Full Ride Adult

Full Ride Child

Passport Adult

Passport Child

Monday to Sunday



Rs. 999/-

Rs. 899/-

Rules and Regulations

  • Non Comissionable Net Rates inclusive of Taxes are given above
  • School Identity card is mandatory to avail Child Ticket Rate for kids over 3ft tall for up to 17 yr students
  • Tickets if bought cannot be refunded or transferred to some one else
  • In case of rides, not functioning properly due to any reason whatsoever, hope the people would bear with the park authorities.
  • Management holds the privileage to approve or deny admission to any person. The management also retains the right to compellingly remove someone from the site, in case of any insulting or unlawful actions.
  • No one is allowed to bring in outside alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages or food into the Adventure Island.
  • One is also not allowed to consume alcohol within the premises of the Adventure Island
  • Natural calamities such as sand storm, heavy rain, dense fog, lightning, floods or earthquakes as well as accidents could result in halting the rides. However, tickets will not be refunded. 
  • People with nervous disorders or neck or back injuries, blood pressure patients, ones with heart condition and expectant mothers are warned to stay from the rides.
  • It is advisible to eat light prior to taking rides for better enjoyment and comfort
  • For safety reasons, people are not allowed to take rides wearing loose fitiing clothes such as saree or Lungi.
  • The tourists are expected to go on the several rides at the Adventure Island, complying with the rules and regulations as well as warning issued at the rearside of the tickets.
  • The UPAL Management absolves themselves of any liability in case of any disaster or damages incurred.
  • One needs to understand that the park timings and ticket rates can be altered according to  the discretion of the management.

Facilities in Amusement Park

  • Metro Walk/Adventure Island covers 3 Acres Parking at the ground level and can hold 30 buses in addition to 180 cars.
  • To get park information and further help of any kind, one needs to contact the Information counter, located at the entrance of the MetroWalk.
  • In case of loss of any items, call at the number 011-4701122 with Ext:214For
  • Atm machine can also be found within the premises of the shopping mall 
  • One can use all types of cards at the swiping machine placed at the ticket counter
  • 24/hr ambulace facility and first aid is provided at the Adventure Island
  • Guests can approach the security officers in case of any safety or security issues
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within the premises of the Adventure Island
  • There are public address systems placed within the shopping mall and Adventure Island to broadcast
  • The special food kiosks located at the Adventure Island offers cuisines to suit the varied tastes.

For Further details contact:

Unitech Amusement Parks Ltd.
Opposite Rithala Metro Station,
Sector-10, Rohini,
New Delhi-110085,
TEL NO: +91-11-47041111, +91-11-27573473
Email:  [email protected]                    

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