Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation

Set up in December 1975, as ownership of Delhi Government, India, Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation promotes tourism and associated services in capital city, New Delhi. With share capital of INR 10.00 crore, along with paid up capital of approximately INR 6.28 crore, this undertaking is engaged in numerous activities of which some don’t even fall in segment of promotion of tourism in Delhi like selling liquor. This respective activity actually provides DTTDC with revenue which is further used for the benefit of tourism or in any other activity related to tourism in the National Capital Region of New Delhi.


The significant activities of DTTDC are segmented under ensuing heads:

Promote Literature

]DTTDC promotes India’s tourism irrespective of revenue generated by these promotional activities. The revenue generated from such activities is regularly reviewed for planning the long term strategy. The application of the published literature for promotion and publicity of tourism are restricted to publication of ensuing only:

  • Primary mini booklet for circulation in inbound flight
  • Yearly diary and calendar
  • CD-ROM on New Delhi for providing significant information to the tourist
  • Eicher city guide
  • Delhi’s tourism map

Facilities for Tourists

Every year good number of tourists arrives at New Delhi. Different activities offered to tourists are:

  • Package tours – these are restricted to limited choices or at times to only single destination
  • Travel services – these services can be foreign exchange banking and international air ticketing
  • Transport for Tourists – transport divisions in Delhi offer taxi services
  • HOHO – Hop on and Hop off bus services: This service offers sightseeing to travellers who wish exploring Delhi at flexible schedule. Such tours are very often conducted in particularly designed buses that move around the city continuously at a specific route, facilitating the tourist to board them from different pick up points. Infact it is mandatory for the Tourism School of Delhi students to board this bus. This bus services also offers knowledge and practical training of Delhi tourism while highlights Delhi as best tourist destination.

Additional Tourist Activities

DTTDC offers numerous other services to its tourists like:

  • Garden of 5 senses – An exquisite landscape park located near Saket Metro Station is just 2 kms away from Qutub Minar. It is a must visit tourist spot.
  • Azad Hind Gram – This is a rural tourist complex which has museum and amphitheatre constructed in memory of Subhas Chandra Bose, great freedom fighter.
  • Four Coffee Homes – Operated by Catering Division of Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation at prime sites, this is a perfect place for sipping coffee.
  • Dilli Haat – This is a market that provides products for sale directly by artisans that come from different corners of country. Their items symbolize culture, craft and art of Delhi. Nearly 16 lakh visitors visited this place in year 2001. A new Dilli Haat will soon be introduced. Construction on this Haat which is close to Pritampura’s TV tower had started in year 2008 and is spread on 3 hectares of land.
  • Conference and Exhibition – Numerous exhibitions and conferences are held in Delhi on frequent basis.
  • Musical Fountain – Nestled in Ajmal Khan Park, this musical fountain synchronizes with colourful lights which display this magical show for 20 minutes.
  • Light and Sound Show – This is held at Old Fort of Delhi. It projects realistic history of this fort via weekly 1 hour show in two languages – English and Hindi. It covers Delhi’s history which spans over 5000 years. Some other activities included are mountaineering, parasailing and boating at lakes located in close proximity to Delhi.

Delhi has an up market in South Extension where one can find numerous popular brands. There are numerous popular places which can be picked for eating local cuisines. These are very economical too.

Another attraction is Chandni Chowk, which is India’s largest wholesale market that has small kiosks which are popular for their brisk sales. This place is in Old Delhi. As per the history, Shah Jahan, built this place as market so that his daughter could shop around whenever she wanted.

Dilli Haat is also an attraction point which makes Delhi more magnificent. Artisans and craftsmen from all across India come and display their talent here while selling off their items of art and crafts. Tourists should make a point to visit this place. Here all localities are self-sufficient for regular needs.

Apart from this core activity of tourism promotion, DTTDC also sells liquor in Delhi, which is a less popular activity that helps the corporation earn net profit. Liquor is sold off through liquor shops which are 100 in number. This also includes direct sale of Country made liquor and Indian made foreign liquor.

DTTDC constructs bridges and flyovers as significant part of infrastructure development enabling the commuters to commute easily in Delhi, The finances for such construction in Delhi gets generated from profits that DTTDC earns from selling country made liquor. This corporation charges nominal profit rate, where in the margin is only 6 INR per bottle of country made liquor. Of this amount, 5 INR is contributed towards flyover construction.

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