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Kalka Shimla Heritage Special Train

Kalka Shimla Heritage Spl Train is a toy train that gives you a glimpse of the beautiful natural surroundings of Kalka as well as Shimla. The spectacular views, high hills and the local villages will surely captivate you. The train starts from Kalka and travels to Shimla and back again. During the summer season, most of the Indian tourists come to Shimla and love to explore the fun of this toy train. The total distance between the two destinations is 96 kilometers and on the way you will cross 864 bridges and 102 tunnels. The experience of enjoying the toy train ride is definitely marvellous and kids will have a splendid time.


Kalka Shimla Heritage Spl Train is a narrow gauge train which is about 2 feet and 6 meters long. The special coaches of the train offer excellent facilities to enjoy your trip. The interiors of the train are fully furnished with wide windows to get a clear view of the surroundings. The lighting is just brilliant to make your view fabulous while passing through tunnels. The reversible chairs are an additional feature that you will find in a few trains only. The toilets are clean with a constant water supply. Proper attention is given to the cleanliness of the coaches.

Tour Itinerary


The time duration of every train is different but on an average the total time taken is about 4 hours and 25 minutes.

Destinations Covered

Kalka>>Dharampur Himachal>>Barog>>Solan>>Kanda Ghat>>Summer Hill>>Shimla

Departure Time

There are many trains that run from Kalka to Shimla, Shivalik Deluxe, Deluxe Rail Motor Car and Shivalik Palace Tourist Coach. The information about the facilities, fare and departure time can be collected from the official website of the Indian Railways.


The tariff of Kalka Shimla Heritage Spl Train varies depending on the type of train that you choose.

  • Shivalik Deluxe – The fare of this train is Rs 280 and reaches directly to Shimla with halt at Barog. Top class facilities will be provided to every individual so that they can enjoy their journey and have a superb time.
  • Deluxe Rail Motor Car – The fare of this train is Rs 247 and if you are a group of 14 people, you can book this car. It is luxurious and offers a wonderful experience of your trip.
  • Shivalik Palace Tourist Coach – The fare for one coach including meals is Rs 4970 from Kalka to Shimla and 3945 from Shimla to Kalka. If your family has six members, you can book this coach.
  • Shivalik Queen – The fare is Rs 3160 for 8 people including the meals.
  • Twin Heritage coach – The fare is Rs 510 per individual and has a seating capacity of 22 people.

Booking and Cancellation

  • The tickets for the Kalka Shimla Heritage Spl Train ride can be obtained from the Kalka Railway station. If you require a special charter, you need to inform at least one week before.
  • For cancellation, some amount will be deducted depending upon the terms and conditions of Indian Railways

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