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Bharat Darshan

Billed as one of the famous tours in India, Bharat Darshan has been specifically designed for the poor as well as middle class people. Its cost structure has been designed keeping everyone in mind.

Individuals wishing to traverse the country should go on board since it takes them to all the major towns and cities. A combined tariff encompasses the sightseeing cost along with accommodation and travel. It is an affordable trip which is specially designed to suit the needs of the people belonging to the various strata of the society.

Journey duration

Bharat Darshan initiates from multiple cities and spreads out everywhere in Rajasthan and in South India.  It starts from Howrah in Kolkata, Pune from Maharshatra, Madurai and Egmore in Kerala.

Route and itinerary

From Howrah

Day 1: The train starts from Howrah early in the morning.

Day 2: Arrival in kharagpur and the sightseeing trip of the fabulous attractions in the city.

Day 3: Proceed to Cochin where one can watch the marine drive as well as the famous backwaters.

Day 4: Arrival at Munner offers plethora of things to do for the travelers.  The can have a look at the tea gardens as well as adventure park

Day 5: The Periver destination is quite famous for its forest and pilgrimage centers.

Day 6: Reaching kanyakumari, one can watch the majestic Indian Ocean in an impeccable style.

Day 7, 8 and 9: Travelling through the spectacular ambience of Trivandrum and Kovalam, people could witness the presence of glorious temples in the city. The Napier Museum takes travelers back to the nostalgic past of Kerala.

From Madurai

It is an exhaustive tour starting from Madurai and transcends the city of Kollam along with kottayamn and Ernakulam.  On the way, people can also cover kasargod, thrissur, Ernakulam and Shoranur. Chandra Giri fort along with the Malik Dinar Mosque embodies the spirit of tolerance and religious beliefs. The places are teeming with temples which the travelers could analyze and visit during the tour. After reaching Ernakulam, a visit to Kodanad is necessary because of the presence of an Elephant rescue centre. Christians can travel to Malayattoor regarded as one of the pilgrim centre. The visitors move towards Delhi via Jaipur Junction.

From Pune

Starting from the western Indian city of Pune, the train moves through Kalyan regarded as the suburb of Mumbai. The next stoppage is Vasai where one could watch the Vardhan Fantasy Park and the Gorai Beach. When the train travels through the Pushkar village, the tourists could enjoy the diverse traditions of India. A visit to the Gandhi Ashram in Vadodra and sightseeing in Jaipur is the hallmark of the visit. In the capital state of Rajasthan, one could enjoy the camel ride and watch the amber fort in full grandeur. On the penultimate day, the train arrives at Amritsar where people can visit the golden temple.

From Howrah (Rajasthan Tour)

Starting from the city of Kolkata, people are transported back in time when they visit Rajasthan.  Be it the majestic palaces of Ajmer, Udaipur or Chittorgarh, the amazing tradition of Rajput chivalry is evident. A comprehensive 12 day trip introduces people to the different facets of Indian culture in Rajasthan.

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