Special Tourist Trains

India boasts of one of the most extensive railway networks in the world. Besides regular passenger and goods trains, there are several tourist trains that criss cross through the length and breadth of the country. These trains offer an opportunity to see this country and its attractions at close quarters. These trains take passengers to some of the best places in India.

Features of Special Tourist Trains

Special tourist trains have gained a lot of popularity. There are several tourist packages that are available at cost effective prices that entails accommodation, fare for travelling, veg breakfast, dinner, lunch and bus travel for sightseeing within a city.

Some of the Tourist Trains are

Bharat Darshan

Indian Railways operated Bharat Darshan train that take tourists on all inclusive tours to some famous tourist attractions in the country. This is a cost effective option to see the country closely for budget travelers.


The train has several features that help travelers to travel in comfort like air-conditioned coaches that have the capacity to accommodate about 500 passengers. On board catering is provided through a pantry car. Many popular hotel industry and tourism colleges conduct tours for their students.

Fairy Queen Train

Fairy Queen Train is another popular tourist train run in India. This train has world’s oldest working engine. A British firm is said to have built this engine and later in 1855, Eastern Indian Railways acquired it. For a long time, this engine was a part of several exhibits displayed in the National Rail Museum in New Delhi. Later, it was restored and in 1997, it became operational again. For being the most unique and innovative tourism project, it received a National Tourism Award.

The train takes passengers on a trip to Sariska and Alwar thereby offering an eclectic mix of heritage with wildlife attractions in Rajasthan.


The train pulls one air conditioned carriage seating up to 60 passengers. There is a huge glass window in the front that offers great views of the locomotive. There is also a lounge meant for scenic observation providing excellent countryside views. A Pantry car is also a part of this train for catering on-board.

Mahaparinirvan Express India Buddhist Train

This tourist train takes passengers across Buddhist India on a spiritual tour. All those places are visited hat are important from Buddhism point of view. This religion came into origin about 2,500 years ago.

From Mahaparinirvana Sutra, the train has derived its name. This sutra contains Buddha’s teachings and its final explanation. The train visitors take to Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Varanasi and Kushinagar.


The coaches of Rajdhani Express trains are used in this train. This completely air conditioned train offers various classes of travel like first, second and three tier. In comparison to other luxury trains, this train is more luxurious and opulent. Passengers are welcomed in a traditional manner with vermillion on their forehead and garlands. Porters are there to assist them with their luggage and a Buddhist guidebook is given to them as part of welcome gift. Fully guided trains are offered besides security guards offering security to the passengers.

Panj Takht Darshan Train

Sikh Community can use the tour services offered by this train that takes them to all those places that plays a vital place in Sikh religion. As the name suggests, the train takes passengers on a tour to the Panj Takhts or Five Takhts, or five places of worship or gurudwaras that are significant for the followers of Sikh religion. In a short span of time, the travelers can go on a comfortable pilgrimage tour.


Rajdhani Express coaches or carriages are used in this special tourist train. There are two travel classes in this fully AC Train- First AC and Second AC. About 201 passengers can be accommodated in this train. There are 72 seats in first AC compartment and 138 seats in second AC coach. This train is advertised in the form of “luxury train” buy in reality, it is not. Though, the train is comfortable enough, it is not opulent like many other special tourist trains. Garlands are used to greet passengers and they are provided with excellent accommodation and meals, transfers and AC Coach for sightseeing purposes, religious guides are also available that offers information about gurudwaras and flights to Nanded and Patna.

The train and its operations are managed by IRCTC or The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation. The air travel logistics are managed by Luxury Trains Tour Company in the tour’s second leg.

Toy Train

Small trains running on erstwhile railway lines are toy trains in India that take passengers to the country’s hill stations. Though, these trains run at a very slow pace and take a lot of time to reach a specific destination, passengers can enjoy scenic attractions all around making journey worthwhile.

List of Toy Trains

  • Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
  • Kalka-Shimla Railway
  • Matheran Hill Railway
  • Ooty Nilgiri Mountain Railway

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