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Mahaparinirvan Express

Indian government has realized the needs of Buddhist travelers and started a special train for them. It takes people on an exquisite journey to the pilgrimage sites and also to some parts of Nepal. The surroundings are amazing and captivate the imagination of people. Buddhism as a religion originated in India and there are many places which exhibit legacy of the past gone by. It is a wonderful trip alluring people to unravel different mysteries of Buddhist religion. Train traverses Bihar, Lumbini , Varanasi and Kushinagar where Lord Buddha took his last breath. IRCTC owns direct responsibility of running the train which is created by modifying rajdhani express. Spectacular toilets and shower are present for customers so that they could enjoy their trip in an easy and hassle free manner. During the tours, people are transported to hotels where they freshen up to continue onward journey.


People could visit different hotels for washing and changing clothes, nevertheless they would be checking late or early depending on train timings. Climate controlled cabins welcome travelers who can occupy seats in 3rd, 2nd or First AC.

3rd AC: It is a huge cabin wherein 6 people could sleep on the left side and 2 on the outer side with lower and upper berth. There is no privacy like a coupe, however the coach would be climate controlled.

2nd AC: Billed as an air conditioned coach, it guarantees privacy because 4 and 2 people can sleep respectively on inside and outside of the coach.

1st AC sleeper: Climate controlled cabin is adorned with 2 upper and lower berths with a sliding door for privacy. It would allow people to complete their journey safely.

1st coupe: One upper and lower berth is available with an impeccable sliding door.


  • Tour is initiated from Safdarjung railway station where people are welcome and after initial check, in escorted to their respective carriages. Departure is scheduled at 3 P.M and passengers spend night in train. Tea and dinner are also served to them.
  • Gaya Railway station is the next stop for the tourists. They can wash and freshen up with breakfast. Some of the prominent sightseeing attractions are Mahabodhi temple, Thai, Japanese temple and Niranjana River. People can return to Bodhgaya hotel and stay overnight.
  • Next morning after breakfast visit Rajgeer to see Bimbisara jail and Gridhakut Hill. Lunch at a local restaurant is followed by journey to nalanda where one can witness the ruins of world’s oldest university. The train departs from Gaya at 11:30 P.M
  • Varanasi and Sarnath come next in line where people can visit Dhamek stupa and Sarnath Museum. Biggest attraction is evening lamp immersion ceremony at ancient ghats. After sightseeing one should board a bus and reach railway station by 8 P.M.
  • Visit to kushinagar is memorable because one is able to see Rambhar stupa and Mata kutir temple. Mahparinirvan shrine is also located here. People can return to hotel after lunch and engage in meditation.
  • On day 6, people arrive at Lumbini where they can visit Maya devi temple and see Ashokan Pillar. Train departs by 11: 30 P.M from the city.
  • During return trip tourists could pay a visit to Agra and enjoy Tajmahal to the hilt.

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