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Panj Takht Darshan

The Panj Takht Darshan is a train that runs especially for the Sikh Community, taking the passengers on a pilgrim voyage to the Panj Takhts or the Five takhts of the Sikhs. These Panj Takhts  are the five Gurudwaras  of the Sikhs having a  great significance for Sikhs. This train has made the pilgrimage very convenient and without any agitation as the journey to these five places can be covered in the shortest possible time.

Journey Duration

The Panj Takht Darshan starts from Amritsar and Delhi. The tour starting from Delhi is for 6 nights 7 days and from Amritsar the tour is for 4 nights- 5 Days.

Route and Itinerary

From Delhi

  • First day – At 7:00 p.m. the train departs from Safdarjung Railway Station to Amritsar.
  • Second Day –Sightseeing at Amritsar and visit to the Golden Temple, visiting the Sri Akal Takht Sahib Ji and Sri Darbar Harmandir Sahib Ji. Night stay at Amritsar.
  • Third Day – Sightseeing at Sirhind and then proceeding towards Anandpur Sahib via road. People from Amritsar join the tour on day three.
  • Fourth Day- Sightseeing at Bhatinda and lunch at Sri Damdama Sahib Ji.
  • Fifth Day: Charter flight to Patna from Delhi to visit Patna Sahib then charter flight from Patna to Nanded where laser show at Hazoor Sahib. Night stay will be at Nanded.
  • Sixth Day: Visit to Visit Sri Hazur Sahib Ji at Naded. From Aurangabad flight to Delhi and overnight stay at Delhi.
  • Seventh Day:  Vist to Bangla Saheb ji and Sisganj Gurudwara in Delhi.  People from Amritsar move back in Shatabdi train or Volvo Bus.

From Amritsar

  • Day 1: At 7: 30 a.m, departure from Amritsar Railway station for Sirhind. During the day sightseeing at Sirhind and lunch at Aam Khas Bagh is scheduled. Same day departure to Anandpur sahib Ji via road. After sightseeing board train for Bhatinda and spend the night in the train.
  • Day 2: Reach Bhatinda and rest in the hotel for breakfast. Langar at Sri damdama sahib in Bhatinda. Onboard dinner and overnight stay.
  • Day 3: Third day train reaches Safdarjung Railway Station in New Delhi. From Delhi airport charter flight to Patna is available to visit Patna Sahib. From there departure for Nanded in Charter flight. Enjoy the laser show at Hazoor Sahib Ji. Overnight stay at Nanded.
  • Day 4: Langar at Hazur Sahib and same day catch a flight for Delhi from Aurangabad. Overnight stay in a Hotel in Delhi.
  • Day 5: Visit to Bangla sahib Ji and Sisganj Gurudwara in Delhi. All the pilgrims are transferred to Delhi railway station or bus station to board train or bus for Amritsar.

Panj Takht Darshan Features

The train is full of luxury and all the facilities for the passengers. It uses the same carriages which are used by the Rajdhani Express. The train is fully air conditioned. The classes are divided into first AC and Second AC. Te first AC compartment has 72 seats and second AC has 138 seats.  It is very comfortable but do not cover all the criterion of being a luxury train. A greeting garland is provided to all the passengers and meals as well as accommodation are provided to the passengers during the journey on board as well as in the hotels as per the schedules. The passengers can also avail the facility of a visiting the pilgrim places and sightseeing in the AC coaches along with the flights arrangement for Patna and Nanded. Guides are provided at the pilgrim places.

All the operations of the train Journey are managed by the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). The air flights are managed by the  Luxury Trains Tour Company.

Panj Takht Darshan Cost and Classes of Travel

Online Reservations

The booking for the train can be done online by visiting the website of the Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation's Rail Tourism.

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