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Music In Chandigarh

The cultural platform of Chandigarh is linked with Punjab. The population of Punjabis comprises a major share in this Union territory. The traditional music of Chandigarh is folk music on the conventional Punjabi instruments available in this region. The Punjabi folk music is very cadenced and highly diverse. This music of folks expresses their tradition together with their hard working character, their bravery and lot of things.

The Punjabi folk music carries a very simple rhythm. Few of the songs like Mirza and Heer were sung by employing their traditional composition.

The themes behind these folk songs include birth, death, marriage, love, beauty, separation, environmental and social status, lifestyle, village, bravery, nature, food, folk tales, folk lores, folk and historical heroes, folk romances, festivals and many more

Occasions for Singing

Chandigarh is the place for festivals and fairs. There is no occasion without the presence of music. Maaghi and Lohri are connected to seasonal change whereas Baisakhi is associated with harvest festival.  Sawan month is the period of unlimited fun and joy for ladies as this month carries the festival of Teej.  All unmarried and married women come close together in an unclosed ground and perform Giddha for folk songs known as Boliyan.

These kinds of folk songs are linked with incidents right from birth to death, relatives and also relations. There are also various songs during different occasions of marriage including the Suhag (associated with bride), Sehra (linked to bridegroom), Ghorian. There are also different kinds of folk songs including Ghorian, Suhag, Tappe, Kolian, Sithnian, Lorian, Heare, Chaand and many more.

These songs sung especially by women inculcate nature, soft feelings, hobbies and also lower social posture in closed circle whereas songs sung mainly by men idealizes their strength, hard work and freedom.

Themes for Folk Songs


Mahia, Jugni, Jindua, Tappe, Kafian, Dhola, Bolian, Dohre, Jhokan, Sadda are the romantic folk songs of this Punjabi state. The folk love songs include Mirza Sahiban, Heer Ranjha, Sassi Punnun and Sohni Mahiwal etc…


The folk songs that deliver the bravery or heroic actions of Punjabi heroes include Raja Rasalu, Dulla Bhatti, S. Bhagat Singh, Jagga Jatt, S. Udham Singh and much more…


There are folk songs to represent religious ceremonies, festivals and also religious feelings.

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