There are only few lakes in the city of Chandigarh and the most popularly known lake among them is Sukhna Lake. This noteworthy lake found in Chandigarh is quite prominent and is taken care of to maintain its status among the few well-maintained lakes in the country. This Sukhna Lake is considered to be the heart of the Chandigarh city because its presence is indispensable here. The Lake is filled beautifully by the seasonal downpour. In 1958, this lake was meant to block a stream which flew down from the hills of Shivalik, Sukhna Choe. One of the famous architects of Chandigarh, Le Corbusier, had been the master mind behind creating this lake in a well planned manner.

General Facts about the Chandigarh Lake

Sukhna Lake consists of a golf course on the southern side along with a popularly known Rock garden on the western side, which is yet another interesting place to visit in Chandigarh. Many people love to take a walk on top of dam having a walkway and the view of dam supplying water to Sukhna Lake looks great. People go there for exercising and relaxing and fun loving children also enjoy this place. It is an ideal destination for artists and photo-hunters. There are regular visits made by the fishermen for the purpose of hunting. In the vicinity of Sukhna Lake, there is a lake club, meant only for the club members who can avail the facilities of swimming, boating, rowing, sculling and kayaking. There is organization of Asian Rowing Championships on a regular basis here. Besides this, the watercourse remains to be the longest yachting as well as rowing venue in the entire Asia.

Eco-friendly Lake in Chandigarh

It has been found that Sukhna Lake is very much eco-friendly to Chandigarh and therefore several migratory birds which are rarely found do come here in winter such as stork, cranes and Siberian ducks. This lake is regarded as a reserved Lagoon in Chandigarh according to the Indian Government. It offers habitat to a number of fishes and insects also. For balancing this ecological system, the fishes of only 30 cm or less are kept here.

Man and Lake

During summers, when the entire Chandigarh city encounters the scorching sun, this lake becomes an ideal destination for comfort and easy walking. There are voluntary services offered for rejuvenating this lake as the people of Chandigarh really adore this lake. Their affection is reflected in the way they put in money and labor for maintaining this lake and also play significant role in celebrating several festivals which are related to this lake. There is a food festival held where several dishes from all over the country are exhibited here. However the Mango festival held in summer is quite popular. Several tourists as well as denizens gather here for displaying or enticing their taste buds with different kinds of mangoes.

Scenic Beauty of Sukhna Lake of Chandigarh

There is no denying the fact that Sukhna Lake offers a picturesque view and heavenly peace which is rarely found. The view of golden sun rising in morning and spreading the amazing rays on the cold water of Sukhna Lake is mind blowing. Besides this, the greenery enwrapping the splendorous lake becomes rejuvenated and welcomes sun rise with its open arms to make people fall in love with this landscape view. As the day passes, the evenings creep in adding more to the beauty of lonesome lake which witnesses this stunning beauty.

Zoo in Chandigarh

Chattbir Zoo

Chattbir Zoo had begun in 1977 and is located in Zirakpur which is 17 km distant from the Chandigarh city. It encompasses more than 202 acres on the embankments of Ghaggar River. The Chattbir zoo is an interesting place for tourists. This zoo consists of 950 animals belonging to different species. There is a Restaurant, ice cream parlor and canteen for refreshments.


It remains open from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM every day except Mondays and National Holidays.

Entry Fees

For adults - Rs. 15, for kids - Rs. 5


Royal Bengal tiger and lion safari is the main attraction here besides white deer and Himalayan Black Bear.

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