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Boating In Chandigarh

Boating is one of the major sources of luxury entertainments available in Chandigarh. This is a facility that is enjoyable by both kids and adults as they can have unlimited fun here.
The Sukhna Lake is the main source of boating activities that are found in Chandigarh. Boating involves all leisure activities performed on a boat, or using the services of sailboats, powerboats, boats used for rowing and paddle boats entirely for the purposes of entertainment by the tourists. Boating can also include a broader terminology covering sporting events such as skiing and fishing.

The Sukhna Lake is a perfect place for tourists who love boating. Set at the scenic backdrop of the Sivalik mountain ranges, there are different varieties of boats for the tourists to pick and choose from. These boats offer excellent boating facilities for the tourist at rates that vary according to the facilities. There are different cruises that the tourists can opt for, at the excellent scenery around Sukhna Lake.

The tourists can get to absorb the beauty of the Chandigarh city fully well as they cruise along the boats under the vast canopy covers of the clear sky. The tourists who enjoy the city through these boat rides are totally famished by the time they complete the ride, because of the smell from the foods stalls along the Sukhna Lake comes floating through the air to reach their nostrils. Hot bread pakoras with a cup of coffee or tea during the winters, or ice cream during the summers are common options chosen by the travellers to eat, as they go along the boat rides.

Sukha Lake and Activities

The Sukhna Lake is man-made and offers excellent options for travellers to enjoy the maximum beauty of the lake by offering scope for various activities like skiing, yachting and boating.

In the quite evenings, when the sky is clear and the climate is great, the Sukhna Lake is flocked by tourists who visit the place with their families and friends to get a full view of the city through boating. The Chef Lakeview and all other eateries that are found along the shores of the Lake offer local delicacies that satisfy the gastronomic needs of the tourists in a big way.

There is a clubhouse at the Lake, entry to which is gained through a membership program. This club offers various recreational facilities like gym, swimming pools, tennis courts with well-maintained court. Members of this club can enjoy the maximum benefits of kayaking, sailing, water-skiing, boating etc. all through the year.

This lake holds the distinction for having the longest channel for rowing and yachting events in the entire Asia and was the official venue for Asian Rowing Championships. Water skiing, surfing and sculling are some of the other activities that are conducted at this lake.

Paddle Boats

Paddle Boats is one of the major attractions at Sukhna Lake. The decorative gardens , a huge playground and the tasty Mermaid Fast Food Restaurant and Bar complement the beauty of the boats and the place.

Sometime Problems

The Sukhna Lake is subjected to harsh summers, with the temperatures soaring up to 40 degrees. The water dries up so soon and is not enough for the boats to float on. During these days, the number of tourists who come to the river is very scanty.

Monetary Profits of Boating in the City

The Chandigarh Industrial Tourism Corporation has received a huge fillip this year, because during the previous year, the water levels were very low and the income generated per day was as low as Rs.3000. However, this income has increased to Rs.90,000 per day this year.

Around June2012, the amount of rainfall that Chandigarh received was very low and this lead to receding water levels in the Sukha Lake. The boating business was hugely affected and the average income earned per day was around Rs.3000 to Rs.5000. However, this year, the city has received huge rainfall till now, due to which the Sukhna Lake is overflowing and the boating industry has received a huge boost. The income levels per day have gone up to Rs.9000 per day, this year on weekends. On weekdays this income is anywhere between Rs.55000 to Rs.60000.

The boats are in high demand by the tourists and they wait for around two hours to go on a ride. Due the increased waiting time, non- availability of boats and increased demand from tourists, most of the times, the tourists and SITCO employees have misunderstandings and arguments. Boating has become quite popular in the afternoons as well, because, the climate has become very friendly and pleasant due to the heavy rainfall. The increased demand for boating has automatically increased the business of the nearby food stalls.

According to couple who was enjoying boating in the lake, agreed to the fact that boating was a pleasant experience this year unlike last year when the water levels at the lake were at the bare minimum level. According to a recent survey, around 3000 tourists visited the lake during weekends and 1500 tourists visited here during the weekdays.

At present there are around 18 boats owned by the SITCO that are technologically great. There is also a rescue boat to help during emergencies.

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