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Sports Tourism In Chandigarh

The Sports Department of Chandigarh originated in 1984. Originally, it functioned under the Department of Education, Chandigarh. The Department is now constituted into Directorate of Sports, Sports Council of Chandigarh and District Sports Officer. Additional Deputy Commissioner is the in-charge of Director of Sports and the supervisor of all of them is the Secretary of Finance and Sports of Chandigarh Administration.

Games and sports are a pivotal part of one’s mental, physical and social upbringing and possessing high qualities in sports increase the chances of accomplishments. Sports stadiums and play grounds in various fields of sports are equipped with all the necessary facilities and cover all the districts of Chandigarh. The Department’s main centers include Hall for Table Tennis, Sector 23, Complex of Lake Sports, Complexes for Sports, Sectors 7, 42, 46, Stadium for Cricket, Sector 16, Hockey center in Sector 18, Football Centre in Sector 17 and Skating Rink in Sector 10. Apart from this, swimming pools are there in Sports Department, one in Sector 23 and one in Lake Sports Complex. It is not that only players have an opportunity to avail the facilities of these pools and play areas, but the general public is also allowed to take advantage of them. The construction of a Swimming Pool, which could be usable in all kinds of weather and comprising of a Yoga Centre in Sector 23 is in full-swing. As of late, the capacity for Cricket Stadium in Sector 16 was increased to 30,000 to host warm-up matches of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh with Punjab IX, on 4th & 5th October, 2006. Schools and Colleges have been involved so far, in the games and sports by the Department so as to make sports comprehensive. Establishment of some of the projects including a Multipurpose Hall at Lake Sports Complex and Indoor Basketball Courts are under consideration. Players are made aware of Sports wings’ scheme and Scholarship scheme as a bonus for them. There are 40 coaches employed in various stadiums and centers of the sports department, training players to further sharpen their abilities.

Chandigarh has contributed to India’s esteem by bringing forth numerous National as well as International players in different fields of sports mainly Cricket Athletics, Hockey, Weightlifting, Boxing, Wrestling and Skating etc.

Chandigarh has been the host to many reputable National as well as International Tournaments such as Asian School Hockey Tournament, Asian Rowing Championship, Men Cricket series, Indira Gandhi Women Hockey Gold Cup, All India Civil Services Tournaments, All India Gurmeet Memorial Hockey, National Sports Festival for Women, Sr. and Jr. Nationals in different fields of Sports, among others.

Prestigious Tournaments in Chandigarh

  • Asian Rowing Championship
  • Indira Gandhi Women Hockey Gold Cup
  • Men cricket Series
  • Women Cricket Test Matches
  • ATF Tennis Tournament
  • All India Civil Services Tournaments
  • All India Gurmeet Memorial Hockey
  • AK Mishra Boxing Championship
  • National Sports Festival for Women
  • Sr. and Jr. Nationals In various disciplines of sports

Youth Affairs Activities

From 1997, the Sports Department is organizing and managing the activities of Youth affairs. The main purpose of conducting activities is to make youths realize their hidden natural qualities, bring it out and boost them. Such activities will also make young people of Chandigarh socially developed, educated and will create awareness in them.

The Sports Department carries out the following activities of Youth Affairs:

  • National Youth Festival
  • State Youth Festival/Rural Sports
  • Adventure Activities
  • National Integration Cams
  • Leadership Camps
  • Youth Camps

Sports Facilities in Chandigarh

In Chandigarh, to train and coach the youth, facilities of sports are being offered by the Administration of Chandigarh, Department of Sports, and Sports Council of Chandigarh. To train and coach the youths, Department or Council provides coaches of sports in every sports field. By charging for their stadiums or grounds, the Sports Department also permits to organize competitions, coaching camps at State, National or International levels. Managers or Supervisors are appointed, who work regularly in maintaining and running the stadiums without any problem. For students of universities, schools and colleges, every year a separate plan is also thereof State Level scholarship at Rs 1000 and Rs 600 for winning senior and junior categories, respectively.

Sports Activity at Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake’s wide and open space allows the boating of cruises and unimaginable trip through the deep lake. The tall Shivalik ranges coming your way while boating in your choice of boat and enjoying the gentle blows of air is an exciting experience.

In Chandigarh, the delightful evenings are best enjoyed from a boat, as the sky is dazzlingly blue. The tempting aromas blowing gently by the way during your ride, adds to the appetite. Winter evenings are best enjoyed by luxuriating bread pakoras and a hot tea, while ice creams give pleasure on summer evenings and at the same time the regular flock of joggers and sprinters pass by you.

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