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Vasundhara Falls

The land of Gods never fell short to amaze us with its amazing beauty. There is a place near Badrinath which has attracted millions of tourists and anyone who looks at this place is left spell bounded. The reference here is to Vasundhara waterfall. Situated just at a distance of nine kilometres from the sacred place Badrinath is the Vasundhara waterfall. From Mana village, it takes nearly an hour to walk down to this waterfall. This beautiful waterfall rise to a height of about 400 feet.

Water of the Alaknanda River has been found to have medicinal value, which is proven through research. Vasundhara waterfall comes from the Alaknanda River. The medicinal properties of this water have been studied scientifically and it has shown no signs of deterioration for 2 years. In Hindu religion, this water is considered as sacred and can be found in most of the Hindu homes. This water is used in religious ceremonies by Hindus.

Trekking from Mana to Vasundhara Falls

Mana is the place where the Legendary Pandavas spent some time during their exile period. The trekking path to Vasundhara waterfall starts from Mana village. Although, it takes around one hour to reach the destination, but once the tourists start moving, they will come across some of the most spectacular views that Mother Nature can offer, therefore, it is nearly impossible to keep moving on without looking around, and so it will take more time.

Once the tourists cross the Saraswati temple, the path becomes very steep and tough. Watch before keep every step, and each move should have a firm footing, otherwise there is a chance of slipping or rolling over on the pebbled path. It is essential to keep track of where you are stepping, as you will often be distracted by beautiful scenery around you.

Tourists are required to carry their own food and water, as they will not find any throughout the entire path. This is a tough stony terrain so, all are advised to wear comfortable sporty shoes, and their clothes should also be light and comfortable. After all the hardship, all the pain will vanish once the tourists reach the Vasundhara waterfall. Take a bath under the natural, refreshing water and feel fresh. Come and enjoy this beautiful place, which is unique and hold great importance in Hindu mythology. You will definitely feel rejuvenated after coming here.


Major part of the trekking area is rough, it is quite stony and there are lots of shrubs and grass on the sides. Since, this is a mountainous area; it remains pleasantly cool for most part of the year. Even when the sun is shining bright, the air remains cool. Winter seasons are pretty rough. Tourists may come across foggy and misty patch of cloud on their way. It is advised to carry a warm jacket with you, in case you require.


Bhim Shila, Saraswati temple and Hindustan ki antim dukan are some of the main attraction of this place. The final food and water shop is around one kilometre from Mana village, as tourists walk towards waterfall. In case, you are not feeling tired after reaching Vasundhara waterfall, then you can move five kilometres ahead to have a spectacular view of the Satopanth tal. This water body is at a height of 4,500 meters above sea level.

Local people of this place believe that the three Hindu Gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh come here on an auspicious day and take bath in this lake. The birds that are found here, are not seen anywhere and people believe that they help in keeping the lake clean.

On the way from Vasundhara waterfall to Satopanth tal lies the Laxmi van. Tourists who want to stay at this place during night time are required to bring cooking equipments and camping utilities. Tourists who want to reach hear should consult the trekking tour organizers beforehand. This lake is approximately twenty-five kilometres from Badrinath. Vyas Guha is a small cave in Mana and local people say, Maharishi Vyas wrote Mahabharata at this place.

How to Reach

Tourist will have to come to Mana village to reach Vasundhara waterfall. It lies in the Chamoli district and is the last village before Mana Pass. It is at a distance of 3 km from the famous Hindu pilgrimage centre, Badrinath. The nearest railway station from waterfall is that of Rishikesh and the nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport which is at Dehradun. Mana is a very small village and has a total population of roughly 700 people.

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