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Corbett Falls

The Corbett falls are located around 25 km away from Ramnagar in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Ramnagar is a small town in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand and at a distance of 65 km from Nainital. This small town in Uttarakhand is a gateway to the oldest national park, the Jim Corbett National park which is a famous tourist destination of India and is visited by many people from all across the country. The Sita Bani temple located nearby also attracts many pilgrims from far and wide.

Thick teak wood jungles cover the entire region and a thin winding road passes through the beautiful jungle. This road stretches for 1.7 kilometers and leads to the Corbett falls. The entire route leading to the water falls is splendid and instantly wins over the hearts of visitors. The soothing sound of the waterfalls and the birds chirping in the background make the experience even better.

These falls are 4 km away from Kaladhungi along the Kaladhungi-Ramnagar highway and are easily accessible. The dense forest cover, with complete silence opens into the marvelous sight of the Corbett falls where water falls from a height of 20 meters.

The silvery sparkling water stream cascades through the dense swaying green cover. The falls are surrounded by Himalayan Mountains that enhance the beauty of the falls even further. The Corbett falls provide a perfect location for camping and this is the main reason for the rise in popularity of the falls among nature lovers and tourists. The sound of gushing water blends perfectly with the melodious chirping of the birds and the Corbett falls are a perfect hideout from the busy and noisy city life.


The ancient name of Ramnagar was Ahichhatra and it was the capital of the Northern Panchala during the time of Mahabharat. This shows how historically significant the town of Ramnagar is. Commissioner H. Ramsay was the one who re established the city and settled it from the year 1956 to 1984.  Tea gardens were developed in the entire region during the British rule in India. But, these tea gardens no longer exist as they were closed many years ago. Corbett falls and the nearby Jim Corbett national park have been named after Jim Corbett who was a hunter turned conservationist. He played a major in establishment of the national park.

Best Time to Visit the Corbett Falls

One great thing about the Corbett falls is that it can be visited any time of the year. The region’s aesthetic appeal and the calming effect it has on visitors can be experienced throughout the year. However, if you want to enjoy the cool water, summers would be the best time to visit the Corbett falls.

Tips for Visitors

  • The Corbett Falls are exceptionally beautiful and quite. It is an ideal place for camping and picnics.
  • You would need to trek for around 1.5 km to reach the falls, so make sure you wear comfortable clothes and footwear.
  • Do not disturb the birds and animals.
  • Nature can be witnessed at its best at the Corbett falls.
  • Don’t forget to carry raincoats and umbrellas during rainy season.
  • Make sure to carry insect repellents and use them as and when needed.
  • For better view, begin your journey early in the morning so that you get more time to spend at the falls.
  • Take care of children and keep an eye on them near the falls.
  • The Jim Corbett National Park can also be included in your trip and you can opt for tour packages which will make the entire trip more convenient for you.
  • The Corbett falls can be visited between 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening so make sure you plan your trip accordingly.
  • A visit to the Corbett Falls takes around 1 to 2 hours.
  • The entry fee is Rs. 40 per head for adults and Rs. 5 per head for children.
  • All basic amenities and facilities are provided by the forest department for the convenience of travelers.
  • Regular public and private transport is available to the Corbett falls.

Attractions Around

  • Nature walks in the surrounding dense forests are extremely enjoyable and have a soothing effect.
  • You can go for treks through the forests.
  • Bird watching is another popular activity as different kinds of birds inhabit the region.

How to Reach

The Corbett falls can be reached by hiring bus or taxi from Kaladhungi which is 4 km away or from Ramnagar which is 27 kms away. A small trek if 1.5 km leads to the falls.

The Pantnagar airport is the nearest airport and it is around 76 km away from the falls. The Gaushala railway station is only 26 km from the Corbett falls.

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