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Kempty Falls

Waterfalls are a delight to watch and experience. One of the majestic and most beautiful water falls in India is located at Uttarakhand, the Kempty Falls. The Falls situated on Mussoorie-Dehradun Highway road is one of the most popular tourist destinations that attracts visitors from all over India. Surrounded by picturesque surroundings and high mountain cliffs, the Kempty Falls is situated at 4500 feet above sea level. It presents an amazing view as it falls with a zig-zag motion from such a high altitude and then splits into five streams.

People love this as a picnic spot and you can always find a crowd here enjoying with family and friends, surrounded by greenery around and listening to the soothing sound of the water falls.

Another highlight of the place is a rocky coral formed by the stream. You will find it along the flow of the stream across the lines.  The waters of the Kempty Falls, after crossing the Aglar River, around 12 kms down the hill, meets one of the most sacred rivers of the country, Yamuna.  Fishing is a popular activity here, though prior permission has to be obtained from the Divisional Forest Officer, Mussoorie.


It is believed that the Falls derive its name from ‘Camp Tea’ as British organized tea parties in this area. ‘Camp Tea’ over the time, became ‘Kempty’. Though the credit of developing the place as a picnic spot goes to a British officer John Mekinan who in 1835, mesmerized by the natural surroundings, thought it was an apt place to relax and enjoy.

The source of Kempty Falls is the water that flows from southwest of Banglow Ki Kandi village into the northwest direction and then, falls from an altitude of 4500 ft above sea level, thus forming the beautiful Kempty Water Falls. From there, the water splits into five parts and once again, it falls 40 ft below and it seems as if the water is doing a jumping dance on the rocks. It is an absolutely amazing and beautiful scene that should be seen to be believed.

Best Time to Visit

Kempty Falls is a picnic spot and apt for outdoor activities and hence it is best to visit the Falls during summer months when the weather is clear. March to June months is apt for visit.

Tips for Visitors

  • Though Kempty Falls is a beautiful picnic spot during the day, there aren’t any facilities for camping. If you want to camp during night, you will have to do at your own risk because there aren’t any security measures here during night.
  • The earlier you reach here, better is the view of the Falls. So, reach here as early as possible.
  • Since there are no restaurants nearby, visitors will have to carry their own lunch and snacks.
  • Take special care of children and do not let them wander around on their own.
  • Mussoorie and Dehradun are quite near Kempty Falls. So, you can either take your own vehicle or hire a cab from these cities and it takes just an hour to reach the Water Falls.
  • Who will not like to take a dip in the water falls? So take extra pair of clothes.
  • Leave the Falls before sunset because driving on the narrow and winding road back to the city can be quite difficult.
  • There isn’t any specific timing to visit the Falls, but it is best to come here early in the morning and leave before sunset.
  • The Kempty Falls is a beautiful gift from Nature. Take care of it while you are there. Do not litter around, not just because you will have to pay a fine if you do so but also because taking care of nature is each one of our responsibility. Leave the place as you would want to see a picnic spot, neat, clean and devoid of any litter.
  • If you intend to visit Kempty Falls during rainy season, then carry raincoats and umbrellas. You will also get them on hire here.
  • The summer here lasts from April to June and winters are from September to February.  Snowfall is expected in the months from December to February.
  • The preferred clothing here in summer months is light woolens while heavy woolens should be worn during winter because it becomes very cold.
  • Since Mussoorie is near Kempty Falls, you can also book a tour package to the city. Being a hill station, Mussoorie is a popular tourist spot.                                   

Attractions Around

Kempty Trekking

Besides being a picnic spot, Kempty Falls with its lush green surroundings and mountain cliffs is a great place for trekking too. Many trekking camps take place here which cover a trek of 13 kms starting from Kempty Falls to Mussoorie.

Camel’s Back Road

Though, there is no camel to be found here, as the name suggests, the road is known so because there is a mountain outcrop in the shape of a camel’s hump around the road. One of the most famous boarding schools in India, the Mussoorie Public School is situated here.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport to Kempty Falls is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is the Dehradun railway station.

By Road

Buses and cabs are available from nearby cities to Kempty Falls. The distance from Dehradun to Mussoorie is 36-38 kms and it takes just an hour and half to reach there.

It is 80 kms from Rishikesh to Mussoorie while it is 270 kms from Delhi and just 38 kms from Dehradun. Kempty Falls is just at a distance of 12 kms from Mussoorie. Take the Mussoorie-Chakrata Road.

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