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Are you on a budget trip to Chandigarh? Then stay at government approved accommodations. They are clean, beautiful and boast of excellent services.

Welcome to Chandigarh!

If plush hotels are not your choice or if your pocket does not allow - do not worry. Chandigarh welcomes tourists from all strata of the society. This is not just a "rich's land". People from all class can have a great time here.

Government approved accommodations are known for their full-fledged services, leisure activities, spa, beautiful landscaping, and more. You will feel like a queen or king here. So, if life's pressures are bogging you down, come here and pamper yourself. Sight-see the whole day and party all night! This tech-savvy city promises you to have a gala time.

So, pack your bags and come to Chandigarh. The glitzy city is waiting…

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