The city of Chandigarh, like any other metropolis in modern India, is a haven for the lovers of luxury and nightlife. The city renders a tranquil calm to its patrons and also a refuge for those who love to be in the pubs enjoying their life. Several bars and pubs in the city offer the best beverages available which are complemented by the perfect environment. Chandigarh offers a delight for people who seek the calmness by the day and wish to indulge in the best of nightlife after dusk. The number of good pubs is listed below.

Chandigarh is the perfect equilibrium for two types of environment, both for party animals and for serenity lovers. Particularly those fond of partying and boozing, the culture of Chandigarh has a treasure to offer.

Chandigarh offers the best in pub culture that includes a glittering glass of your favorite drink, sulky sofas to melt into, music to lift you up and an ambience to make you smile. Chandigarh and its pub are the best in business. For the seekers of pleasure in the evening, Chandigarh is the place to be. Once in Chandigarh, tourists are highly recommended a visit to these spaces and indulge in an ample amount of luxury

Bubbling with latest tracks, delicious snacks by your sides and a glass of drink in your hand, these places offer the best getaway from the troubles of a metropolis. For those who wish to seek the night out in the urban, these pubs are the best option.


Going by the culture of Chandigarh, people here are not only good looking and affluent but are also popular for their great sense and admiration for partying, therefore it is not a surprise that Chandigarh is bubbling with places that offer a retreat from the crowd. With its own unique Punjabi Tadka, the culture of clubs in Chandigarh is low on noise but is really high on class. Another considerable portion of the nightlife in the city is formed by the huge crowd of students.

Famous Pubs & Bars

Oriental Lounge

Right under the nose of AB’s Restaurant, this lounge is the most sophisticated and classy place to let oneself drool. For a meager Rs 180, a can of Heineken can be bought whereas mint tequilas would cost around Rs 250. For those who do not drink, there is a delight of imposing pan-Asian food cuisine which serves crab cakes for Rs 240 and many such delicacies. One must seek to reach there from 12 – 6 pm which are the happy hours

Lava Bar

With a unique catch line that promises itself to be ‘amoebic ambiance in a hot modern way’, T=this Pub here is decorated with a unique ambience grammar. One is invited to enjoy this grandeur with Dom Perignon that costs around Rs 22,000 for those who wish to spare some brunt on the pocket is the Corona beer which costs a meager Rs 300.

Zinc Lounge

Neighboring the noodles bar, Zinc bar acts as a magnet for the classy crowd of Chandigarh to its strong and steely ambience. There is a wealthy list of wines in this area that range from Australian, Indian, French and labels that cost around Rs 250 for each glass. For the lighter people are Cosmopolitans, sup mint juleps, ‘Indian sangria’.

Piccadilly Blue Ice Bar & Restaurant

Another bar set in the contemporary style, this bar serves alcohol at a stashed up rate. Along with the alcohol are a set of scrumptious dishes like Prawns Barbequed, Thai Fish Curry and several other delicacies.

List in Brief

Blue Ice

Sco 7, Sector-17E

City Heart Two Bar & Restaurant

Sco-1018/19, Sector-22B,

Rendezvous Bar & Night Club

Sco-6, Madhya Marg
Sector-26, Chandigarh

Saaki Bar

Sco-388, Sector 44 D

Moti Mehal Delux Pub & Restaurant

Sco 179-80, Sector-17

Score Pub

Sco 177/178, Madhya Marg
Sector-8C, Chandigarh

Gymkhana Pub & Bar

PNo-109, Sector 17D

Chef Lake View

Sukhna Lake, Sector-17

Ghazal Restaurant & Pub

Sco-189-190-191, Sector-17C

Aerizona Pub & Bar

Sco No.40-41, Sector-9

Blues Disco

Sco No.348-49, Sector-34

Mountview Hotel


Shivalik Hotel


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