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Kasar Devi Temple

Kasar Devi Temple is a famous place for pilgrims and visitors in the state of Uttarakhand. It is one of the oldest Hindu temples of the region. The temple is dedicated to and named after Kasar Devi. The shrine gives a brilliant view of Almora as well as the Himalayan peaks.

Location and History

Kasar Devi Temple was built somewhere in the second century according to historians. It is situated in Almora district of Uttarakhand and is at an altitude of 2,116 meters above sea level. The place surrounding the temple is known for its amazing natural beauty and serene settings. The Temple gained in popularity when Swami Vivekananda visited and meditated here in 1890s.

The temple site serves as the central spot from where visitors can have amazing views of the surroundings. The stunningly beautiful Hawalbagh Valley, the epic Himalayan passes and the Almora town all offer visitors a slice of nature that will be cherished in memory forever. After Swami Vivekananda wrote about his amazing experiences here, the temple started attracting a large number of tourists, many of them celebrities in their own right. There is a fair sprinkling of foreign tourists also in the place at any given time. One unique thing about Kasar Devi region is the large presence of Tibetans. Many people have settled in the neighboring areas with their families.

The Ideal Place for Nature Lovers

The constant presence of foreigners conforming to the Hippie culture of the late 70s and early 80s led to the naming of this place as Hippie Land. The pine tree forest provides a wonderful view of greenery along the route to the temple. Visitors to Kasar Devi temple also visit the Kalimath temple which is close by. It is an ideal picnic spot for those who love to be amongst nature and enjoy the sublime quietness interspersed by sounds of winds rustling the leaves and birds chirping away happily.

Kasar Devi Fair is a famous event held in the Almora region. It is celebrated every year on the Kartik Poornima day which falls in the month of either November or December.

When to Visit

Almora has a pleasant climate throughout the year but the best times to visit is during summer months of April to June when the rest of the country swelters but Almora is at a pleasant 18-20 degree Celsius. The peak tourist season is in the months immediately after the monsoon, from September to November. Winters are severe and chilly.

How to Reach

By Road

The Almora is connected by well-maintained roads to almost all parts of Uttarakhand. The temple is just five kilometers from Almora.

By Train

The railway station nearest to the temple is Kathgodam Railway Station which is about 43 km away from Kasar Devi Temple.

By Air

The closest airport is the Pantnagar Airport which is about 70 km away from Kasar Devi Temple.

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