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Jageshwar Mahadev Almora

Jageshwar Mahadev is one of the key pilgrimage centers of India. The popular religious destination is home to numerous large and small stone temples. Quite a number of them are ancient, heritage structures and under the observation of the Archeological Survey of India or ASI.


Jageshwar Mahadev is a religious place that provides a feeling of divine tranquility to visitors. The town is located in the Almora district of Uttarakhand and is the one of the ideal places to go for a pilgrimage and a holiday combined. It is situated at an elevation of 1,870 meters above sea level and offers an amazing visual treat with the dense forest and flowing streams serving as an idyllic backdrop. The Jata Ganga flows through the town lending it a pious setting. The calm and tranquil environment attracts tourists in large numbers.


The group of temples at Jageshwar Mahadev does not offer any clues as regards to its dates and how they came into existence. Research shows a striking resemblance to the structure and shape of the temples of the pre-medieval ages. They were most probably constructed in the post-Gupta era and are estimated to be about 2500 years old. This makes the temples among the oldest and most ancient shrines of India.

According to the Archeological Survey of India, some of these temples are from the 8th century when Katyuri Dynasty ruled the place to the 18th century when Chand Dynasty dominated the region. The temples were restored and revamped during the reign of King Shalivahandev of the Katyuri dynasty. The inscription of Malla Kings on the main temple premises points to their reverence for Jageshwar. The Katyuri Kings donated villages to the temple priests while the Chand Kings were supporters of the Jageshwar temple.

The Town Has Both Child Shiva and Old Shiva Temples

The main temple in the town is the Jageshwar Mahadev which is dedicated to Bal Jageshwar or the infant form of Shiva. Ironically, there is also a temple on the higher slopes dedicated to Vridh Jageshwar or Shiva in an older form.

Key Attractions

According to local folklore, when the Lord came for meditation here, the women of the village left their household chores to get a closer view of this saintly figure darshan. This left the men of the village infuriated and came menacingly at the saint who had thrown a spell on the village women. To avoid any commotion, the Lord Shiva transformed into a child. That’s why, Bal Jageshwar form of the Lord is worshipped here.

Another key attraction is the huge Dandeshwar temple dedicated to one of Lord Shiva. The temple has an 18th century statue of Lord Shiva in dancing form and a huge iron bell that’s located at the entrance of the temple. It represents a connection between the Lord and the local deity called Gollu Devta.

The temples at Jageshwar Mahadev bear a striking resemblance to the Nagara style architecture. The sanctum sanctorum is square shaped and a carved doorway as its entrance. Stone lingams are a constant feature at all temples. The altars of these temples have impressive stone images.

Climate and Best Times to Visit

Jageshwar Mahadev is a pilgrimage spot that is open to visitors round the year. Summers are moderate with temperature hovering around 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Winters are extremely cold while rainfall is heavy and extreme at times during the middle of the monsoon season. The months from February to June are ideal for visiting this nature’s blessed place.

How to Reach

By Bus

Jageshwar Mahadev is 35 km from Almora and approximately 90 km from Pithoragarh. It is around 100 km from Nainital. There are private and state transport buses plying on these routes. You can also get cabs and private cars to take you to Jageshwar from Nainital and Almora.

By Train

Nearest railway station is Kathgodam, which is 125 km from Jageshwar.

By Air

The nearest airport is 140 km away at Pantnagar. The closest operational airport to Jageshwar is Naini Saini in Pithoragarh. It is 90 km away.

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