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Why India

As one of the favored and most trusted gateway to different medical facilities in India, medical tourism in India has gained immense popularity. It is this sector that is expected to experience growth rate of thirty percent, thereby making it to Rs. 9500 crore industry by the year 2015. Speaking of the statistics, it is said that the value of medical tourism in India reaches nearly $2 billion each year by 2012. Since the medical treatments cost in an urbanized planet balloon out of the fraction, with United States leading the path, there are number of Westerners that find the prospect of international tour for medical care very appealing. As estimated, almost 150,000 of these people travel to India for economically-priced health care treatments every year.

With years of experience in offering impeccable medical services, India undoubtedly has allured many people from all across the world and resultantly is expanding as a global medical hub. As estimated, nearly 150,000 tourists from Western countries visit India for their health care procedures each year, mainly due to the assorted factors which have developed gradually in the past few years.

Low Cost

If the individuals want to get any treatment at low cost then it has become inevitable for them to travel away from their home, owning to the fact that the medical treatments have become too costly. Acknowledged as a popular destination for tourists to travel, India offers an equal quality medical procedure at economical prices. For example, in US a heart valve replacement costs nearly US$ 200,000 while in India, it can be efficiently conducted at a prominently partial cost of US$ 10, 000-14, 000. A remarkable percentage of people in the Western countries who are not completely covered by insurance look for treatments somewhere else. And certainly, India is counted as one of the best places for this.

Less Waiting Time

Because of the overburdened medical delivery system, countries like UK and some parts of US make their patients wait for longer time in order to provide them with precise medical treatment. While in some cases, the patients are required to wait for months, just to consult a specialist and then undergo a treatment. Many times these delays result in unparallel complications. In this matter India certainly has an advantage over other countries. With a prominent gestation period, India boosts of completing some of the most critical procedures in less possible time.  

World Class Quality

Well furnished with innovative technologies, India’s medical centers are considered and recognized to be very competent together with being a sophisticated element. Besides, the Indian doctors are no far behind their peers, be it any part of the world. Much emphasis has been laid on the implementation of world-class facilities, medical infrastructure which offers an extensive package of medical procedures of different kinds. Presently in India, there are nearly 10 hospitals or hospital chains which are approved by the JCI (Joint Commission International) – the primary international organization that certifies the hospitals.

Amongst these, the popular ones are – Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Healthcare, Max Healthcare, Medanta Medicity, etc. Apart from this, there are ranges of centers which offer impeccable/equivalent medical services. Other than this, with a composition of experienced and highly qualified surgeons, certified nurses, physicians and para-medical staff, the health care system is acknowledged to be reliable and safe like those which prevail in Western countries.

Personalized Services

The guests are always given an equal place to that of God in the Indian culture. Owning to this tradition, the people of India provide a personal touch, giving their guests a homely feel. The people of India strongly believe that their caring and warmth hospitality provides a healing touch by relaxing their mental and physical stress.

Rich Cultural Heritage

What best describes India is “Unity in Diversity”. Land of many cultures, people, food, and languages spread across a varied terrain, ranging from the matchless Himalayan exquisiteness of Kashmir in north to the unprecedented and tranquil beaches of Kerala in South. India has always captivated tourists from all across the world, because of its array of architecturally notable historical sites and monuments. Precisely located, New Delhi the capital city of India is one of the most important hubs of medical care. It serves as an incredible base for going around for some sightseeing; no matter it is hill station of Himalayas or Taj Mahal in Agra or a trip of Palace of Wheels in Rajasthan. After the medical treatment, a trip can be organized to any part of the country keeping in mind the desire of the patient.

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