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Saint Paul Church

Saint Paul Church, located in Landour, Uttarakhand is an Anglican Church. It was built in 1839 and was the premiere church during the British rule for the British cantonment. It was first consecrated in 1840 by Calcutta’s Bishop Daniel Wilson. From 1840 to the end of British rule in 1947, this church was primarily run by British Chaplains for the cantonment area majorly used by the British residents living in Landour.


During late 1830s, Bishop Daniel Wilson saw the need for building a church in Landour and as a result, this church was constructed in 1839 to become the cardinal station of the Anglican Church in the district of Dehradoon. Also, this church was built for the use of the British troops who were based at the Landour depot.

In 1857, when India revolted against the British for the first time, this event has been recorded in the history of this Church as “insurrection” from the British perspective. But, during this period, the regular services of the church were held uninterrupted.


Landour is a great destination and a beautiful town located near Mussoorie in Uttarakhand. The summers are moderately hot, winters are extremely cold and the monsoon season receives very high rainfall in this area. The weather ranges from moderately warm to cool, and to very cold in the winters. Even in summers, one can experience cold breezes. May and June are hotter months, while December, January and February are the coldest months of the year. The monsoon rains during July and August are usually very heavy.

Best Time to Visit

Owing to extremely cold winters and heavy rainfall in monsoon, these seasons may not be the best times to visit this place. One can visit it from April-June and from September-November to enjoy pleasant weather and cool breezes from Himalayas.

How to Reach

By Road

The nearest bus station to Saint Paul Church, Landour is in Mussoorie which is well connected to all the major cities of North India via road. Once you reach Mussoorie, you can either hire a taxi or can board a bus to reach the church.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Dehradoon railway station which is connected to all the major cities of India. Even, one can reach here from Delhi through newly run Dehradoon Shatabdi. Once you reach Dehradoon, you can either book a taxi or can board a bus to Mussoorie.

By Air

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Domestic Airport Dehradoon, from where you can easily find taxis or buses to reach Mussoorie and Landour.

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