The word Kayaking comes from the fact that this is a sport that involves a “Kayak”. Kayak is a small boat that is used to move over water with the help of paddles using double blades. The person who manoeuvres the boat is known as the paddler. Most of the people are under the assumption that kayaking and canoeing are one and the same. However, there is a small difference between the two sports. The position in which the paddler is seated the number of blades that are found in the kayak are the differentiating factors for these two. While doing kayaking, the paddler sits facing in the forward direction with the legs in the front. The boats used for kayaking use double blades. Traditionally, these boats had decks that were closed. However, as the popularity of the sport is increasing in great proportions, new kinds of boats that have open types and ones that can be inflated as and when needed, are in great demand today.

Types of Kayaking

Kayaking has undergone a sea change in the method in which it is done and the boats that are used for paddling purposes. However, there are three main types of kayaking that are famous today. They are white-water kayaking, recreational kayaking and sea kayaking.

White-Water Kayaking

This is an adventurous type of sport that involves paddling around small and large sized rivers in great force. As you do white-water kayaking, you cannot help but feel mesmerized about the scenic beauty around you. Most of them are under the assumption that this is quite a dangerous sport. However, those who have experienced this know that with the right kind of guidance and tips, this becomes an enjoyable activity.

Recreational Activity

As the name indicates, this type of kayaking aims to provide recreation and relaxation to the tourists. They are not high on adventure and are mostly done on quiet ponds, lakes and rivers. During this kind of kayaking, it is a common practice to include fishing as well because the quite atmosphere is suitable for enjoying some fishing along with paddling along the ponds or lakes.

Sea Kayaking

This is the sport which is enjoyed on oceans or seas and mostly aimed at attracting tourists. The boats used here are long and have the ability to move swiftly on water. Sometimes, these boats are used for overnight trips as well. The sheer joy of paddling on these boats during the wee hours of the night gives the tourists a thrill and an unforgettable experience of their lifetime.

Important Areas of Kayaking

In India, Kayaking is practiced in very few areas as it is considered to be a foreign sport. Tourists who indulge in kayaking in India are subject to severe police supervision and interrogation. White-water kayaking is mostly done in India on the rivers around the mighty Himalayas. Mostly, this sport is conducted on the sacred Ganges River in Rishikesh. Some tourists also practice kayaking in the waters of South India at Bangalore, Chennai and Kerala as well. However, it is quite rarely that kayaking is done in South India, as most of the tourists prefer to indulge in this sport in the waters of River Ganga.


If you are a beginner who is all set for your first kayaking experience, you must follow some basic tips that will help you enjoy your experience and give you ultimate safety as well. First and foremost, you need to focus on your clothing. You need to dress yourself based on the temperature of water. Wearing multiple layers of dry clothing is highly recommended. You should also wear other important accessories like sunglasses, hats, sunscreen lotion, water shoes etc. perfectly before setting out to paddle in the water. Secondly, you must choose the right size of boat if you want to cherish your kayaking experience. You must have enough leg room for paddling around in the ocean, lake or wherever you are kayaking. Lastly and most importantly, you should have taken some mandatory training on safety procedures. In the event of an unfortunate incident like your kayak getting submerged in water, you should know how to save yourself and the people with you. You should never opt for kayaking without the basic training on rescue operations.

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