Tripura - Near Water

Tripura has been found to be well endowed with water resources because there are almost 10 prominent rivers for generating an annual flow of 793 million meter cube of water....


Why Visit Tripura

Tripura, an erstwhile princely state, has been an amazing destination for tourism as it is pollution free, has pleasant weather and panoramic views so it is a place worth visiting....


Tour to Tripura - The Land of Charming Beauty, Myths and Legends

Tripura, one of the north-eastern states of India is brimming with a rich cultural tradition and heritage. Foreign and Indian tourists have not explored the beauty of this place to a great extent, which is why, most of the beauty of the place remains intact even today. Communists rule over Tripura and the same can be known from the flags, murals and banners that are found all over the state in large numbers.

Tripura is filled with serene valleys, milky-white waters, beautiful hills and lush green landscapes. Though it resembles next-to-nothing on the map of India, Tripura is a state that has an amazing cultural history and interesting myths and beliefs behind its existence. There are around nineteen different types of tribes living here, which explains the diverse lifestyles and customs of people found in the state. International and Indian tourists visiting Tripura are awestruck at the wealth of the state in terms of archaeology, flora, fauna, rich history, arts and handicrafts, biodiversity etc.  The state has immense potential to become one of the best tourist destinations of India with its limitless natural beauty, archaeological and architectural brilliance, cultural diversity, arts and artefacts etc.

Nestled between the borders of north-eastern India and Bangladesh, Tripura is well connected to the other important places in India through its capital city, Agartala. Bus services are available from Agartala directly to Kolkata and Dhaka as Tripura is primarily surrounded by Bangladeshi borders. Bengali is the principal language of Tripura with Kok Borok being the main tribal language (spoken by around 30% people). Manipuri and Chakma are the other auxiliary languages that are spoken here. Most of the people understand Hindi, but do not speak the same.

Tourists who plan to visit Bangladesh can get their visa processed quickly in the Bangladesh consulate located in Agartala. Within half a day, all formalities are completed and the visa is granted to the tourists. 

Flights from Dhaka, Kolkata and Silchar are operated to Agartala (airport code – IXA) on a frequent basis. As in the case of other airports, international tourists must register themselves once they arrive at Agartala airport.

Fairs & Festivals in Tripura

Fairs & Festivals in Tripura are a blend of religion and science creating an atmosphere of zeal and joviality. There are various carnivals embellished with magnificence and pageantry.

Fairs (Anthurium , Chapchar Kut, Thalfavang Kut, Christmas, Khuado Kut, Mim Kut, Pawl Kut)


Attractions In Tripura

Notable Personalities from Tripura

David Dhawan

David Dhawan from Agartala, Tripura is a famous Indian film director who has directed a number of successful movies, most of them being the comedy movies.

Manik Sarkar

Manik Sarkar has been a famous politician of India who is the Chief Minister of Tripura since 1998. He belongs to the Communist Party of India.

Culture in Tripura

Tripura has multi-lingual groups and its culture may be defined by mainstream elements of Indian culture with Bengali culture and several tribal and traditional practices called as Tripura culture.....