Tamil Nadu is a place to be enjoyed by people of different tastes. History lovers and those who have a curiosity to know more about monarchical rule in the state and about the state’s involvement in Independence struggle should first head to the museums in the state. There are many rich collections of architectural, historic, royal, anthropologic pieces that make you travel back in time to many centuries ago. Intricate paintings, Buddhist replicas, manuscripts of great authors, weapons and jewels used by the royal kings and queens, statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses belonging to different periods, tribal artefacts and other important items are stored very well in these museums.

Famous Museums in Tamil Nadu

Government Museum, Chennai

Located quite close to the Egmore railway station, this is one of the iconic landmarks in Chennai – the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It is the second most ancient museum in the country. This museum was set up during 1851 and is famous for its enormous antique collections from Rome. Indo-Saracenic style of architecture is followed in this museum. It houses exclusive and rare paintings of eminent painter, Raja Ravi Verma. The museum is constructed on an area of 16.25 acres. Many zoological, archaeological and historical structures are housed here. There is a beautiful art gallery as well here, that art lovers cannot afford to miss when they visit this museum.

Regional Railway Museum

Set up during 2002 in Perambur’s Integral Coach Factory (ICF), this museum gives visitors an idea how Indian Railways has evolved during all these years right through its various exhibits. Here you can find oldest models of steam engines, toy trains, vintage trains and other models that were existent during the British Raj. Close to 5000 people visit this museum every month and this place proves to be a great means of education for school kids. Set up over 6.5 acres, this museum has a bevy of outdoor and indoor exhibits and houses railway models from foreign countries as well.

Saraswathi Mahal Library

If you want to get access to some of the rare collections of books and magazines, Saraswathi Mahal Library in Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu, is the place that you need to visit. This was once the place where the royal Maratha rulers spent their times in relaxation while reading the huge collection of books that they had kept here. This was during the year 1675. After the end of monarchical rule, the state Government of Tamil Nadu took control of the place during 1918 and has thrown open this library to public in order to give them access for the rare manuscripts found here.  This is located inside the premises of Thanjavur Palace.


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