Close to 20% of Tamil Nadu is covered by forests. This means that there are many wildlife sanctuaries in the state, making it an absolute delight for travellers. You can spot many common, exotic, rare and endangered species of wildlife, mammals, reptiles and birds here. All these species are maintained very professionally and taken good care of. There are limitations set for tourists when they come for a visit here, so that they don’t cross the line and disturb the animals in any way. Deciduous forests, wet forests and the general topographic culture of the place make it a haven for many wildlife species.

Most of the sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu focus on one particular species and take good care of them. For example there are elephant sanctuaries, tiger reserves, crocodile parks, snake parks etc. spread all over the state. Though these places house many other species of wildlife as well, the ones that they focus on are given special attention. Lots of international tourists come here and they never cease to get surprised at the wealth of wildlife in the state each time they arrive here.  The State Government and many wildlife organisations come together in taking all steps possible to preserve and protect wildlife here to the maximum possible extent.

Famous Wildlife Sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

This beautiful sanctuary is located in the Anamalai Hills and covers the areas in districts of Coimbatore and Tirppur. This sanctuary was set up during 1976 and comes under the control of the Forest Department of the Tamil Nadu.  This is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site .Some of the endangered species of animals here are Bengal Tiger, Indian elephant, lion tailed macaque, giant squirrel of Indian origin, Indian pangolin, vulnerable brown mongoose, sloth bear, Nilgiri langur and the like. Some of the attractions here are Anamalai Tiger Reserve and Kozhikamudhi Elephant camp.

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

Located in the Nilgiri district, the scenic Mudumalai sanctuary is also a well-known Tiger Reserve in India. The UNESCO is conducting studies about this place to  see if it can be classified as a World Heritage Site. Some of the endangered species of animals here are Indian leopard, Indian elephant, Bengal tiger and guar. The Tiger Reserve here has close to 48 tigers and they are preserved very well here. Tamil Nadu State Government, National Tiger Conservation Authority and the Forest Department provide their fullest support in the preservation and maintenance of the national animal in these sanctuaries.

Some of the other famous sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu are Kalakuddu Sanctuary, Point Calimere, Grizzled Squirrel Reserve at Srivilliputhur, Guindy National Park, Mukkurthi National Park, Vedathangal Bird Sanctuary, Viralimalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Vallanadu Wildlife Sanctuary, Sathyamangalam Willife Sanctuary, Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary and many more.

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